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Halo: Next Generation Staff

Here you can meet the Staff of HNG.

The Founder

 I'm known by many names but the one that I mainly go by now is my Internet/Online alias, "Fiendwolf".   I'm a big Halo fan and I have played every single Halo game made by Bungie as well as Halo Wars.  Now I give you all Halo: Next Generation to make yourselves better gamers at Halo and also to help Bungie with making their games better through beta testing(if the members have been selected by Bungie on B.net) and by posting in the B.net public threads to help share ideas with Bungie.  I pride myself as a Hog Driver, SWAT Specialist, Sniper, and Master Incinerator.

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The Administrators

These Admins have almost the same power as the Founder.  They help him run the joint.


  MadMatt - GT: MadMatt1515 - Want do you want from me!!
Chaos Walking - GT: Indigwroe -  [No Description]
  Society - GT: SocietyResistLX - My favorite video game series is the Halo series by far. I play Halo: Reach often and believe that Reach was a great ending. I'm not a hater of Black Ops and I own it, but for me Halo: Reach is far better. Am I supposed to say anything else?


The Moderators

The Moderators are the people who help keep the forums clean and neat and enforce the rules.


Zappydogy - GT: Zappydogy -

I know a lot of battle strategies


I'm a god when I'm a elite

 My Quotes: " Ready to go to hell because I'm going to take you there one bullet at a time"


 spoog911 - GT: spoog911 - Feet First into hell is for rookies, Head first into hell is what real men do!

If you won't jump.....I'll throw you.

If i am driving LISTEN to me because were ded other wise........