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Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines

 The HNG3 originated from it's brother the Everburn Gamer Guidelines, aka the EGG.


*All new members start out as a "Limited Member". To become a full member and get access to all the good stuff then you'll have to accept the Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines. To accept the HNG3 and for it to count then go to your profile and edit your profile questions. Answer the question asking, "Have you accepted the HNG Gamer Guidelines?" If you have accepted them then you will answer "Yes" to that question. Then private message (pm) or wait for an official to check your profile to update you to full member status.

The Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines (also referred to as 'HNG3' for short) is guidelines for the HNG members on how to play/act online and when in HNG or representing HNG.  These guidelines do not have to be accepted by a member but if you wish to play in The Brawls and participate in other Halo: Next Generation activities/groups you must accept this. Those activities include, but do not limit to, The Brawls, contests, tournaments, The Halo: Next Generation Olympics, and joining the HNG Clan.


When you have accepted the HNG3 you must follow the guidelines at all times when you are playing online with other people.  (Such as Xbox Live (XBL), online computer games, etc...) If you break or do not follow these guidelines then the Standard warning system/punishment system below will be applied or another sort of punishment system decided upon by the HNG staff.

  •  First time you will be warned to not do it again.
  • Second time you will receive another warning similar to the first warning.
  • Third time you will be punished by losing your privileges on the website.
  • Fourth time you will be punished by being set back to the limited member status.
  • Fifth time you will lose the ability to become a full member for about 6 months.
  • Sixth time you will lose the ability to become a full member for an added year.
  • Seventh time you will be removed completely from Halo: Next Generation and you might have the ability to return in the far future and start over as a new member later on.
  • Eighth time (if you have rejoined) you are booted out of Halo: Next Generation completely and never are you wanted to be seen or heard of ever again in Halo: Next Generation.

 After you have accepted the HNG3 once you are expected to follow it forever on. Even if you have reached the fourth punishment you are still expected to follow the guidelines so you can regain your status as a full member.  After accepting the Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines you are expected to follow them forever on and if you do not, you will continue to be punished until you either clean up your act or you have been removed from Halo: Next Generation completely. You can only accept it once. After that you must honor the guidelines and if you dishonor them of course you get punished. Honor them once again after being punished and you might have a chance of being accepted again by Halo: Next Generation.(depending on how far on the punishment list you've went)


The Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines


Responsible and Respectable

Thou shall love thy neighbor, respect others, and be a responsible gamer. These guidelines to gaming is based on being a responsible person and a respectable person. Be kind to others and they will most likely be kind to you.  Show respect to your peers here in HNG and show respect to strangers in games as well. Video games are games. They are meant to be enjoyed and to have fun. Not to insult some random on the other side of the world. Relax when playing a game and play it for fun. Aim to win but do not get frustrated if you lose. It is after all a game. Do not disrespect other players and  do not disrespect us by breaking or not following the HNG3.


Lower Your Dagger

Thou shall not attack others verbally even if they attack me first.(even if they attack you first you should show restraint and ignore them and just brush them off. It is the best since it makes them ticked off so much) The worst and greatest ways to insult, hurt, or harm someone is by verbally abusing them. Put away your sharp tongue and lock away your rage. Do not ever attack somebody verbally.  Do not hurt their feelings with words, do not stab them with those curses from your lips.  Keep your rage locked up in a safe and through away the key.  If you are to talk to a player or person you do not insult them.  Even if they are insulting you. If you can not resist to fight back when they insult you verbally then ignore them or walk away.  Never get in a verbal fight with anyone.


Keep the Party in Your Pants

Thou shall not desecrate the dead by beating it up or T-Bagging.(or in any other way) T-bagging is by far one of the worst ways to insult people when playing a game. It does not require you to speak only to make your character go up and down on the enemies dead body.  It hurts people and is insulting. Not even to mention how stupid it makes you look. Only a fool (and a complete jerk) unleashes the harm of T-bagging on a dead enemy. It is hurtful and you will never T-bag anyone. No victory T-bags, No losing t-bags, none of it. Also do not melee a dead person's body. It's very unsportsmanlike. It is not wanted here.  If you think it is fun to do then I would recommend doing it somewhere else while not being a part of HNG.


Aggression and Rage

Thou shall not take out our anger on others. We all can get angry, frustrated, and irritated when we play video games and do not win or are unable to do what we want, but how we deal with that is a big thing.  We could go into rage mode and get mad at every single player in the game and insult everyone or we could cope with it and just get over it. It is a game. Just a game. Games are meant for fun.  Not to get angry.  So we expect you to not rage on anyone, get mad at others, or swear at them because something is not going your way. You get mad over a game then you best just relax or get off the Xbox after the game is over. Do not take your anger out on other people. It is not the way of a HNG3 follower and it is not the way the HNG3 tells you to act.


Continuous and Repetitive Complaining

Thou shall not complain repetitively and/or continuously. Complaining is one of those big factors that can ruin the fun of a game.  If you keep on continuously complaining like a baby about a game, a thing that happened in the game, etc... then you will be punished by the EGG punishment system.  We play for fun and want to enjoy the games we play. Complaining can very easily ruin a game and suck the fun out of it. Also it has a tendency to make you more pessimistic and when more pessimist there is a less of a chance to win. We like to have fun. And winning is fun.  If you are a complainer then you have no place here. Get off your butt and switch the game so you don't complain or shut up and make everyone happy.


You Start it, You Finish it

Thou shall not quit a game early for any reason what so ever. You are to not ever quit a game early and leave your teammates alone. Even if you are not on a team never quit since it is not sportsmanlike and just puts you out as a bad gamer.(or a sore loser/winner)  Never quit a game for any reason. You start the game. You finish the game. As easy as that. Even if you know you're gonna lose. keep playing. It makes you a good gamer and a good teammate. You have no idea how aggravating it is to lose a teammate in a game and then be down one person. Even if winning the game already after the person left. It also ruins the game play if it's teams or not. it's one less person in the game and for all who know how it is to play games with others, you need enough people to do it right. Never quit a game. It is pointless to quit and makes you an irresponsible gamer.


Traitors, Betrayals, and Friendly Fire are Strictly Prohibited

Thou shall not purposefully betray or do friendly fire on my teammates. To betray your teammates in a game is low.  To do it by accident is understandable.(e.g. Halo team rockets/ Grifball)  Though when you purposefully aim your weapon at your teammate and kill him or take down their shields so the enemy can take them out is not welcomed here in HNG . It is not welcomed at all.  You should never be a jerk to your teammates. You should help them out and support them to win the game and have fun. Even if you were split from your friends and put on the other team you will not betray them or fire upon them. Also when you are playing an objective game, (e.g. Halo objective gametype CTF) never purposefully give the other team the bomb, or die on purpose to lose the flag.  Play a good game as a good gamer. Not as some treacherous jerk. If you think betraying teammates, being a traitor, or shooting upon your teammates is fun then you have no place here in HNG.


Suicides and Kamikazes Not Allowed

 Thou shall not kill thy self or commit suicide.  If you commit suicide for fun or get your self killed intentionally by the other team then you have no place here with us. Do not kill yourself in games to make your team lose and do not do a kamikaze run to get the other team to win.  We play for fun and that just ruins the gaming experience.  That type of behavior is not wanted.


Objective Holding is a No No

Thou shall not hold objectives to prolong the game when about to win. If you hold the objective in the game when you are about to win then you might as well leave right this instant.  We do not allow any of our members who have accepted the EGG to objective hold fro any reason. If you have the objective and are about to finish the game then finish it and win it.Objective holding is not wanted here.


Boosting & De-ranking for the Wussies

 Thou shall not boost, de-rank, and/or de-boost in any of thou games.  Boosters and De-Boosters ruin the game completely and make the game either impossible to win, or impossible to lose.  It's not wanted.  It ruins the game for both teams. It makes an easy win so basically you never even had to try and it makes it hard to win for the team who has the booster. It messes up the balance of fairness with the teams and completely ruins the game. Do not do it.


Music Over Mic is Prohibited

Thou shall not blast music into thy mic so others can here it be distorted and loud and blaring.  Do not play loud blaring music over your headset so others can here it. It comes out distorted 99.9999% of the time and even if it comes out good it makes it harder to hear the game and harder to hear call outs from your team mates. Don't do it. It's not necessary at all to do. Keep your music to yourself and play it away from your mic.

The HNG3, Protecting the fun of Online Gaming since 2010