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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Halo: Next Generation.  These will most likely solve any of your problems or questions.  This will serve as a database for all of HNG, saving every little detail needed to be known and to help you get to know us better.

First off...

  1. Can you describe HNG in the briefest summary possible?

    I'll try...

    Halo: Next Generation (HNG) is a free to join, fun loving, laid-back, yet competative, Halo gaming community that hangs out in the forums sharing all types of Halo information, as well as hanging out over XBL.

    I think that pretty much sums it up. ;)

  2. Who founded Halo: Next Generation? Why?

    Fiendwolf founded Halo: Next Generation in hopes of creating a great community that gets along well together and learn how to become better players at Halo. Also to have fun.

  3. What is HNG? I don't understand

    HNG is an acronym for Halo: Next Generation.  This way we don't have to type out Halo: Next Generation and instead can just type HNG for short and we then understand it's meaning.

  4. What game does this Gaming Community mainly focus on?

    You are hopefully joking if you're asking us this question. It's in the title, Halo: Next Generation.  So obviously the game that Halo: Next Generation mainly focuses on is the game series Halo created by BUNGIE.

  5. What is the "HNG Community"?

    The HNG Community is the Halo: Next Generation Community.  The "Community" is the members of HNG.  This refers to all members of Halo: Next Generation, but the ones you mainly see are the active members.

    That's the HNG Community.

  6. How do I join this website?

    On the left side of the window you will see the sidebar that has multiple controls for easy access.  The Members Area is at the top of this side bar. Click register if you would like to join the website(If you haven't already) or click sign in if you have already made a Webs ID to join Halo: Next Generation.

  7. Why should I join Halo: Next Generation?

    There are many reasons why. I shall list them for you.

    Reasons to Join Halo: Next Generation(HNG):

    - Everything we offer is Free

    - Membership is free

    -We offer free strategies to our members

    - We offer a free place to hang out and enjoy Halo

    - We offer a free place to share your Halo screenshots

    - We offer a free place to share your Halo videos

    - We host Halo Brawl nights about every 2 weeks(Free to play with us).

    - You can make friends here in our community(That's free as well)

    - We attempt to offer free and recent information about Halo and BUNGIE

    - there are still more reasons, shall I go on?

  8. When I first joined it said I was a limited member what does that mean?

    All members start out as a limited member.  The name says what it is, the limited members are limited to access of the full site.  If you want to have full access to all member areas you must accept the HNG Gamer Guidelines. Then after you have accepted the Gamer Guidelines you will be officially part of Halo: Next Generation.  You will have complete member access to the site and will have the option to join the HNG clan and join in on many events and activites that HNG hosts.

  9. How do I become a Full Member?

    To beomce a Full Member you must accept the HNG3 and show that you have accepted it in your profile information. (it is the first profiel question.)

    You can click here, or go to the HNG3 page by using the Navigation bar on the left to access the page. Once you read and understand the HNG3 you can choose to accept it. If you accept you go to the Member Area in the right side bar and click on edit profile when logged on.  Then you answer the first profile question.  If you have accepted it, then hit yes. If you ahve not accepted it then hit no.

    If you have accepted the HNG3 and have then shown that you have accepted it on your profile then please wait for an administrator to update your membership or contact a staff member to let them tell an admin to update your membership.  Then once the admin has gotten around to it they will update your membership and you will be a full member and will have full access to the website as a full member.

  10. Is HNG a Clan?


    Halo: Next Generation is a Halo Gaming Community. NOT a clan

  11. Is HNG Affiliated with Bungie?

    NO.  Halo: Next Generation (HNG) is in no way affiliated with the gaming company, Bungie, or Bungie LLC.   Halo: Next Generation is based off of the video game series, Halo, created/developed by Bungie, and HNG was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" ussing assets from Halo, - Microsoft Corporation.

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The Rules and Punishments

  1. Where are the Rules?

    The Rules are located on this website.  You can view them by clicking on the link on the navbar(on the left) that says "The Rules" or you could click here to view them.

  2. What are the Rules?

    The Rules are what the members and users of this website are bound to.  Read them to get all the information you need.

  3. What are some of the punishments of breaking or not obeying the rules?

    The punishments are various and depend on which rule(or rules) was broken and how extreme the disobeying of the rule(s) was.  Some of the punishments are of being removed of your full member status if you are a member who broke the rules, losing the ability to become a full member for a designated time, being banned or removed of membership from the site, etc...

    There are many punishments.  We hope that we won't have to use them all.

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HNG Gamer Guidelines

  1. Where is the Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines?

    The Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines, or "HNG3" for short, can be found by using the navbar that is on the left side of the window. click on the link that says, "HNG Gamer Guidelines".  Or click here to get to the page right now.

  2. Why should I accept the HNG3?

    There are many reasons why you should accept the HNG3. I shall list them for you...

    Reasons Why to Accept the HNG3:

    - It is free to accept

    - When you acccept it you get mroe access to the website and thus have a more enjoyable time here.

    - You can get more active in the HNG Community

    - You can join the HNG Clan

    - You get more of a chance of being asked to be a moderator(So from a 0% chance to 25%! It's better than nothing.)

    - You get to have access to all our free strategies and tactics to become the next generation soldier.

    - You can participate in the HNG Brawls.

    - You will have more access to the forums.

    - There are more shall I go on?

  3. If I don't accept it does that mean I am not held by it's rules?

    If you have not accepted it before then no you are not held by it's rules. But if you have accepted it before, then you will always and forever be held by it's rules even if you are set back to limited member.

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  1. What are the Forums?

    Sometimes called a bulletin board or message board, a forum (on the web) is an online center for ongoing, indepth discussions of specific topics and issues.

    In the HNG Forums you can find information on anything.  There are mainly topics for Halo and video gaming, but there is some section(s) that have some conversations which range to almost any topic. As long as it obeys the rules.

  2. How do I post in the forums?

    First you must be a member of the website.  So join the website by using the register/sign in link in the members area.

    Once you have an account and are logged in with at least limited member permissions, you can go into the forums and post in all the limited member topics.  You will not get access to as many topics, categories, etc... as Full members.  Full members have access to strategies, clan events, HNG events, etc...  To get access to these you'll just have to become a full member. (Look in the forums since it's already been stated how to be done mutiple times.)

    If you are a Full Member, you just need to be signed on and then you can choose any topic you want to post in and then post in it.  Make sure that you obey the rules and that you stay on topic! 

    To post in an already existing thread you just have to be signed in and then go to the topic in which you want to reply to.  You can then click post reply button.  Or use the Quick reply box at the bottom of the forum page. Then enter your post wiht your text etc... and then hit submit to enter the post into the topic and into the public.

    To create a new topic you just have to find the appropriate category in the forums for your topic to be put into. Which is easy since the categories are named and have descriptions in what's talked in each of them.  Once you have found the most accurate category for your topic, click on the category.  Once you are in the category you can then hit the Make a Topic button or the Start Discussion button.  Then you can make the title of the topic and enter your Opening Post (OP) for the topic.  Once you're done you hit submit and it will be open to all other members (limited and/or full depending on the category you've entered it in) to see and reply to.

    Anyone can create a topic or post in an existing topic as long as they are a member of the website.  Make sure to obey the rules and stay on topic with the topic and the category!

  3. Where do I introduce myself?

    It would probably be best to introduce yourself in the Introduce yourself Category(or forum).  It is the very first category listed at the top of the home forums page.

  4. How do I add images, links, and other things?

    Below is the Posting Tool Bar and the Text Box.  You use the Posting Tool Bar to modify your text and to add links, images, emoticons, custom HTML, make your text bold, itilicized, underlined, striked through, bigger, indented, etc...

    How do you use this? HAve you ever used Microsoft Office Word? It's very much alike.

    To bold, italicize, underline, strike through, increase text  size, decrease text size, add bullets, add numbers, indent, or decrease indent, text align, change text color, or remove text formating on the highlighted text, all you ahve to do is highlight your desired text and then click the button that you want to add the text format to.

    The same thing for adding a hyper link in text. Highlight the text and hit the button. The only difference is that it will open up an input box for oyu to enter the hyperlink.  This is the same with adding a picture to your post.

    Please remember that when you post you must obey the rules and thus, you cannot abuse these posting tools or you will be punished.

  5. How do I embed a video into my forum post?

    You can't.  Only the Founder can do this.

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The Battle Bunker

  1. What is the Battle Bunker?

    The Battle Bunker, aslo known as "The Bunker", is where all the strategies, tactics and information of the listed Halo games is put for full members of HNG to view and to learn from to become better players at Halo.  It is also where people can apply to take training sessions from Drill Sergeants or to apply to become a Drill Sergeant.  The Battle Bunker is the place that we take pride in most here.  It is where we take you from your past Halo gamer self to a new and full fledged Next Generation Soldier.

    It is the place of all awesomeness in text! ;)

  2. How can I get access to The Battle Bunker?

    To get access to The Battle Bunker you must first become a member of this website.  To do this you have to click on the link under the member sections labled "Register".  After you have registered and joined the HNG website login and read and accept the HNG3.  The HNG3 can be found on the navbar on the left under the link that says"Halo: Next Generation Gamer Guidelines".

    After you have read and have choosen to accept the HNG3 go to your profile and click "Edit" or "Edit Profile".  Then go to the first profile question that asks, "Do you accept the HNG3?" and answer "Yes" to it.  Now wait or private message a staff member for them to check your profile and then they'll make you a full member of HNG.

    After you have full member status you'll be able to access The Battle Bunker.

  3. What is The Battle Bunker Punctillo?

    The Battle Bunker(TBB) is different from the rest of the forums. It shares the same rules, yes, but there are more rules for The Battle Bunker than the rest of the forums as well as they are more strictly carried out. Below is the TBB Punctillo main points which will help you turn the TBB into the most useful learning tool to become a gamer.

    TBB Punctillo

    • All the rules stated in the Rules web page will still applyin the TBB
    • You must stay on topic in the TBB. If you find yourself rambling then please edit your post to make it the most informational post you can make it without repeating yourself.
    • If you still find yourself straying off the topic it might be a good idea to create a new topic to cover the area of which you are straying off into.
    • Constructive Critisism is supported.  You are to share your opinion in the TBB on how to beomce  a better gamer and add serious tactics, strategies, and information to help others out.  Your information, tactics, strategies, and/or anyhting of the like has a chance of being critizised by the community in the TBB.  This critisism is strictly and only constructive, to help make a better learning environment for you toe become a better gamer.
  4. What are Drill Sergeants?

    The Drill Sergeants of The Battle Bunker are the people who are to be the trainers or those who would like to be trained in a certain area of expertice in The Battle Bunker.  What ever the area the member wants to be trained in the Drill Sergeant of that area will schedule a date with the trainee to get online in the game for training in the choosen area of expertice.

  5. How can I become a Drill Sergeant?

    • To be a Drill Sergeant you must have met the following prerequisites:
    •  You must be a full member of HNG and have accepted the HNG3
    •  You must have been an active full member of HNG for about a month.
    •  You must have entered accurate information on the topic or area of expertice you want to be the Drill Sergeant of.
    • You must have posted useful informational replies in TBB
    • You must have XBL
    • You must have an area of Expertice in which you want to go into. Or at least something which you are better at than the rest.
    • You must have demonstrated that you know what you're talking about and that you know more than those you are training.

    Things you can do to get better chances of becoming a Drill Sergeant is to be active, be a people person.

    After you have met all of the prerequisites you can apply by going to the Training Grounds section of The Battle Bunker and go to the thread that is for applying to be a Dill Sergeant. After you have filled out an application and entereed it in your post to become a Drill Sergeant it will be gone over by the Staff and other Drill Sergeants, to see if the person applying is good enough to be a Drill Sergeant and able to teach the Trainees. If the staff and Current Drill Sergeants believe you are a good person for the specific area of expertice you will be set as the Drill Sergeant of the area you applied for.

  6. How many Drill Sergeants can there be for a certain area of expertice?

    1-2 will be the main number range of Drill Sergeants per area of expertice.

  7. Where do you get the information in the Battle Bunker from?

    We, the HNG community, supplies the information, tactics, strategies, etc...  from personal experiance, theories that have been agreed on, etc...

    The information is meant to be added and updated constantly by the community here. Meaning it's members.  The staff and moderators are NOT supposed to be the only ones supplying the information. 

    Expericance is HNG's teacher and we are helping guide and teach each other to become better together.

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HNG Events

  1. What are the HNG Events?

    The HNG Events are the events that happen in Halo: Next Generation.  Some, but not all, of these events are contests, tournaments, olympics, call events, brawls, and training days.

    To participate in any of these events you must be a full member of Halo: Next Generation. Meaning you must have accepted the Halo: Next Genertion Gamer Guidelines and have been updated by a Staff member.

  2. How do I participate in these Events?

    If you wish to participate in any of HNG's Events you must be a Full Member.  When you are a Full Member you can then go to the HNG Events Category in the forums.  There, in the HNG Events Category in the forums, will be the place to view all upcoming and past events of HNG.  If you are interested in joining any of the upcoming events you can sign up in the designated topic to the event of which you want to participate in.  Then, depending on the event, you will be accepted if all the spots in the event have not already been taken. 

    If you sign up for an event and accepted, you are expected to show up on time and to participate accordingly.

    If an event has all filled spots to participate in the event then you will be unable to join. Some Events have "Replacement spots" for people who will replace the people who do not make it or do not show up on time.

    That is the basics of joining and participating in the HNG Events.

  3. What type of HGN Events are there?

    There are many HNG Events.  They continue to grow as more ideas are though up.  I will list the current ones with short summaries. Full detailed descriptions will be written out in a seperate FAQ question. (Probably the ones just below to follow this one.)

    • Brawls : The Brawls are events when HNG splits up into teams and play against each other for fun.
    • Contests : Contests take place in the forums of HNG and are just very general Halo contests.
    • Tournaments : Tournaments are events when Full Members of HNG go and
    • The HNG Olympics : A once a year event which is filled with contests and tournaments which have the winner of each contest/tournament put down into the HNG Hall of Fame.
    • Designated Training Days : Designated Traing Days (DTD) are days when Full Members go to get training from Drill Sergeants.
    • Play-Test It : Play-Test It is when Full Members go and play test their maps to help give feedback to the creator of the map, to help improve the said map(s).
  4. How often do you do events?

    We try to have events often enough to make them fun and relaxing but not too often to make them not as important as they actually are.  Check the forum category "HNG Events" to see the dates/times of the upcoming events.

    Two Week Event:

    We have a two week event cycle, which we try to keep going as much as we can.  The default event for this cycle is the "Brawl" Event.  We will inform the public through the News and Updates on the homepage and through the forums in the HNG Event category if the event is anything different from the "Brawl" Event.  So if we don't say anyhting about a different event, it means we will probably be having a "Brawl" Event.

  5. What is the "Brawl" Event?

    Brawls are when HNG splits up into teams and they play against each other for fun.  Below is the offical description and information about the Brawls.


    Who runs them?:  The HNG Event Manager runs all events, aided by the HNG Staff and selected volunteers.

    Who Participates in them?: The people who participate in the Brawls are Full Members who have signed up to be put on a Brawl Team.

    When are the Brawls?: The Brawls will take place on the usual 2 week schedule on every Saturday at around the same time. The Brawls will be the default event in the Two Week Event. The HNG Event Manager or any HNG Staff Member will post up new times and dates of the Brawls.  When a Brawl is comming up a topic will be made for it as a reminder as well as an Overview of the Brawl once it is done. 

    What are they?:  The "Brawl" Event is an event when HNG Full Members split up into teams to play against each other for fun and sometimes for competative play on Halo games online over Xbox Live.  Teams are set up primarily by the HNG Event Manager and secondarily by the HNG Staff.

  6. What Type of Contests are there?

    There are many different types of contests and many more contest ideas always join the the ranks of offical contests.  Below are the Current Contests and a brief description of all of them.

    • The Screenshot Contest (aka: SC) is a contest in which all participants enter a Halo screenshot and a poll is then held to see which one is better based on the communities opinion.
    • Medal Madness (aka: MM) is a contest in which there are unlimited participants, unless stated otherwise, and whoever has the most growth in number of the named medal of that certain MM contest will win.
    • Weapon Wizardry (aka: WW) is a contest much like MM only instead of medals growth being recorded, the weapon kills will be recorded instead.
    • Vehicle Crazy (aka: VC) is a contest much like MM and WW only instead of medals or weapon kills being recorded, the vehicle kills will be recorded. Such as a vehicles turret, etc...
    • Chaotic Challenges (aka: CC) is a contest in which all participants are recorded for an amount of time on how many daily and weekly challenges they complete in a certain amount of time. Completeing a Daily challenge counts as 1 per completion and completing a Weekly challenge counts as 5 per completion.
  7. What is the Screenshot Contest?

    The Screenshot Contest, or the SC, is a contest in which all participants enter a Halo screenshot from a Halo game that is specified in the contest topic.  There are two topics made for this contest.  One is for the entries and one is for the voting.

    To enter the SC, you must go to the Entry topic of the contest, then you will have to enter a screenshot that fits in the theme, if there is one.  The screenshot you enter can be embeded into your post or not.  But a link to the B.net page to prove that it is a legit Halo screenshot is absolutely necessary.  This will help prove that it is not photoshoped and that it was taken by you, as well as it will prove what Halo game it came from.  If you do not add a link to the b.net page, then you will not be able to enter the contest.

    How many people can enter the contest?

    The number of entries is limited by whatever number is specified in the Entry topic for the contest.

    How does one win such a contest?

    After you have entered the contest and the voting starts, your screenshot, along with the other participants' screenshots, will be put into the voting topic for the SC.  Then everyone who wants to vote just goes to the voting topic for that SC, and then at the top of their post they will put which ever option choice is the one they want to win.  The screenshots will be assigned as a different option.  The people just say whatever option they want to vote for and then it will be counted and tallied by the staff.

    After everyone has appeared to have voted, the poll will close and the winner will be put into the hall of fame and will recieve a certificate via private message.

  8. What is the Medal Madness Contest?

    This is a new type of contest that I have conjured up from the darkest and deadliest abyss known to man.  And it has some serious potential!  This type of contest allows a huge amount of people to join and participate.  It is a very simple and easy to do contest,  but yet it is quite the challenge.  The goal of this type of contest is to get the most amount of a type (or types) of medal in the stated Halo game and in the stated areas of that game.(e.i. The playlists such as Invasion, Arean, competative, etc...)


    You have to sign up into the certain Medal Madness topic to be able to participate in the contest.  When you sign up you have to put down your GT, a link to your B.net stats(not your profile), and your current amount of medals.  If it is multiple medals then you want to add the medals number together.  Once you have put this down into your post in the topic, you will then be put into the participant list to be checked by the host of the Contest.

    How do you win?

    It is very simple and easy to understand but it is very difficult to beat the others you're competeing against.  Once you have signed up for the contest and the recroding has started, you will have to go into the designated Halo game and into the designated playlist(s) and attempt to get as many of those medals as you can.  It is a completely fair competation.  The winner is not the person who has the most of the type of medals overall but the one who has increased their amount of medals the most from the start recording time to the date it will be recorded.  So even if someone has more medals than you overall you can still beat that person by getting more medals of that type then him/her in the designated amount of time.


    At the end of the contest, your medals will be recorded at the date and who ever has shown the most growth in numbers of that medal will win the contest. Simple, yet a difficult challenge.

    Summary/Main Points:

    • Contest based on number of a type medal(s) gained in a period of time
    • You win by having the most growth in number of the specific medal(s)
    • The type of Medal(s) will be described in the contest.
    • The Abreviation for Medal Madness is MM and then the number of that contest.(e.i. if it's the third Medal Madness contest it will be: MM III)


  9. What is the Weapon Wizardry Contest?

    Weapon Wizardry, aka WW, is a contest very similar to Medal Madness.  The only difference in this is that in Weapon Wizardry, medals growth is not recorded, instead, weapon kills are recorded.

    So if you know how Medal Madness works, then you know how this works.

  10. What is the Vehicle Crazy Contest?

    Vehicle Crazy, aka VC, is a contest much like Medal Madness and Weapon Wizardry.  The only difference is instead of medals or weapon kills being recorded, vehicle kills are recorded.  So if you kill with a ghost or banshee or a Warthog turret or a splatter with a mongoose or with any other type of vehicle, you will fit in nicely in this contest.

    If you know how the Medal Madness or Weapon Wizardry contests work then you know how this one will work. Check out Medal Madness to understand the basics of these types of contests.

  11. What is the Chaotic Challenge?

    The Chaotic Challenges, aka CC, are contests in which all participants will try to complete as many Halo: REACH Challenges as possible in the amount of time given.

    It works the same as the Medal Madness contest, only instead of medals beign recorded, challenges are recorded.

    So from the begning of the contest you have a certain amount of time. Such as two weeks.  The number of challenges you complete in that amount of time are added up and how many you complete will be recorded and if you have the most complete you win.

    A big difference between Medal Madness and CC is the fact that all the challenges complete are not the same value like the medals are in MM.  In MM, every medal you earn is 1 point. In CC, every Daily challenge you complete is 1 point, but every weekly challenge you complete is worth 5 points.

    How does this work? 

    When you enter the contest, you are to supply your B.net REACH stats page in your post as well as the calculations already done for the event manager.  The calculations will be, Starting ammount of Daily challenges compelte and Starting ammount of Weekly Challenges complete.  Then after the contest ends and the number of challenges complete are wrote down for each person, the event manager will then subtract your end amount of Daily challenges by your starting amount and the same for Weekly challenges.  Then he/she will multiply the weekly challenge growth for that amount of time by 5 and then add the weekly challenge outcome by the total growth of Daily Challenges. Then once the total Points are put down, whoever has the most Points wins.

    So in short, Daily challenges compelted = 1 point each and Weekly Challenges complete = 5 points each.

    How do you win?

    Whoever has the most points in the end is the winner.

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HNG Profile

  1. What can I do with my Profile?

    What a general question... You can do a lot of things with your profile! As long as they do not break the rules.  You can share your current thoughts, you can share information about yourself, you can share images/screenshots of yours,  you can share links to your b.net profile, Hc profile, any other profile, you can share links to videos, customize your avatar, customize your signature, tell us your gamertag, how long you've played halo, your area of expertice, your favorite videogame, if you've accepted the HNG3, other profile questions, and so much more!

    Check out your profile and feel free to edit it as much as you want. Share what you want. Customize it how you want.  Your profile is completely customizable. Just remember to obey the rules!

  2. Why don't my links I make work in my Profile?

    If the hpyerlinks that you have made do not work in your profile, it is probably because you have made the text of that link bold, italicised, underlined, or striked through.  This can cause your link to break and the code to fail.  So just make the hpyerlink with the normal text. Don't go and make it all special with bold etc...

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