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Halo 4 images new!!

Posted by spoog911 on June 1, 2012 at 10:20 AM

So ahead of next weeks big reveil alot of halo 4 things have surfaced from leaks to preorder....but enuf talk lets begin.


I let you decide if you like the armour but personaly i only like locust and deadeye helmets.

Leaked photo's:

These are from an Italian website that would only let me see the images if i was reading the page in Italian :P

some of them are on that website but i couldn't get any images from that website.

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Reply Fiendwolf
8:39 AM on June 2, 2012 
Well I agree with wht was said in the Xbox live party about it looking like a Japanese anime guy took over, but you know what? I kind of like some of them... :P I mean I actually do. And the Locus Helmet looks sexy as Hell. I also like the guningir armor, not necessarily the skin it is shown with but the armor is cool. plus if I wanted camo I can just customize the skin colors of forest skin. I think this might actually be pretty cool.

Circuit skin and Forest skin are probably going to be the ones I use the most. But man... that locus helmet looks nice... We need more like that kind of style.
Reply Madmatt
12:45 PM on June 1, 2012 
All looks good, apart from those stupid armour skins. I'll end up in a team of bloody clowns at that rate. Keep the colours realistic, I want greens, urban camo, snow camo but none of this stupid superman / tribal BS.
Reply Dingle
12:31 PM on June 1, 2012 
Pfffffft, about f***ing time spoog.

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