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Brawl XX Overview

Posted by Chaos Walking on September 5, 2011 at 6:00 AM


So we haven't  had an overview in a while, probably beasue of holidays and irregular brawls and such, but we're finally back to the first overview in a month :D Yesterday Brawl XX took place, with a rather modest attendance of 4 HNG and 3 randoms...





Dingle FTW


(robinator98 )


Also Spoog and MadMatt were having their own little Brawl on Halo Wars :P

Anyway. To business.

SLAYER - Amber

We started out on Fiendwolf's newly finished map, Amber. A good map, with only a few problems (such as Rocket spawns), but overall easy to play and smooth flowing. This game was lead by Fiendwolf (obviously) who had the slight advantage of having built the map, and thus knowing it backwards.

Winner - Fiendwolf

RACE - HWM Hogpocalypse

Don't even ask why we were playing on a Wheelman map, but it was a fun custom gametype, so its alright  ;) The objective was pretty much last Hog standing, amid kill balls and mines and water. Dingle managed to win, without ever winning a round, because of some strange glitch which gave him an extra point at the start of each round...

Winner - Dingle

TEAM SLAYER - Retaliation

SqueakyToy404, Fiendwolf, Indigwroe vs Dingle FTW, TheArmyIsMy (DNF), robinator98 (DNF)

Another of Fiendwolf's maps, this time an adaption of Reflection. It was all going smoothly, with a roughly even game, until first one, then two of the randoms dropped out, leaving Dingle on his own against the might of the red team.

Red 48 - 40 Blue

Winner - Red Team

RACE - Gyrate

This was a pretty good race map, kickedd off by Dingle jumping off his 'goose and nading us all.... Won by SqueakyToy I believe..

Winner - SqueakyToy

SLAYER DMRS - Enclosed

HNG vs Randoms

Next we went into Matchmaking, to rip apart some randoms. Which we did. Starting on Enclosed, one of the new forged maps, we were lead by Dingle, with a score of 18,l closely followed by Fiendwolf with 17. A good start.

HNG 50 - 31 Randoms

Winner - HNG

MLG CTF 5 - MLG Countdown v4

HNG vs MLG Randoms

Feeling brave from our previous ownage,  we went into the MLG arena, and proceeded to getting our asses kicked. We didn't even score a flag. Oh well. Its not the winning, its the taking part.

HNG 0 - 5 MLG Randoms

Winner - MLG Randoms

This time we won't have an MVP medal, because there were to few games and participants. But if I had to givee one, it would either go to Dingle, Fiendwolf, SqueakyToy or myself :P

Chaos out.

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Reply SqueakyToy
3:55 PM on September 5, 2011 
Had good fun, hope to have more of them :)
Reply Dingle
1:45 PM on September 5, 2011 
F those two teammates, leaving me on my own to get double beatdown/sprint sword'd. That race track with the poor spawns left me on the other side of forge world! :(

There was NO glitch, im just awesome Chaos!!! YOU HEAR ME....AWESOME!

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