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Come Together Community, BRAINSTORM TIME!

Posted by Fiendwolf on September 2, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Community, I need your help.  You see I am usually good at coming up with ideas and that but if we get more heads together thinking on this we can think of more.  I need more ideas for the Armored Redemption site.  I want all your thoughts and opinions on what you want on the new site and little gadgets and widgets and what-not for you all to use.  Now please remember, I do not know all the coding to remake the internet (yet), so please do not get over enthusiastic about having all these ideas on the site, because hype tends to kill the product.  I cannot promise you anything.  I can only tell you what I am aiming for, which I already have in a ealier news post.  But I will recap on those later.

What I want from you all is to spew out ideas and thoughts about what you would want on the new site.  I think I have thought about everything, but I need more ideas.  This project is already huge, so why not make it bigger? LOL :lol:  But seriously, give all your thoughts and ideas now on what the new site should have or could have and what it needs.  All this information from you will help me get organized and map out what I need to be ready for so I can learn the appropriate code languages and code it in the right way.  (My mind is literally swimming with ideas and I can't lay down an organized map, or at least organized enough for me.)

So start spilling out your thoughts and ideas in the comments area below.  I will share some of my current ideas/thoughts and we will combine these all together so I can get an organized plan set in motion...

The lists below state idea/thoughts/goals of what the site will hopefully be having.  Some features and what-not listed will not be available to everyone, only to people of certain ranks and higher.

Current Goals/Ideas/Thoughts: "?" indicates I am unsure of as in if it is necessary/wanted.


User System (user profiles, user profile pages, customizable user pages?, abiity to change settings, friends system, block people from viewing your profile info/sending you messages,  connected to everything necessary, such as the forums, the blogs, the stats, everything, this will help the site stay connected and interactive, ...)

One of a kind Forums, in a good way (Need newer and better forums, More organized, spell check, emoticon icons, BB code?, easy to use post tools, embeded images, embeded videos, spam filter, forums search for topics, saved topics?, Polls in Topics [this is a def. need] ...)

Blog/News & Updates (Needs a headline area[8 most recent headlines in a rotator, kinda like B.net's old rotator or like Waypoints.], Non-Headline news posts will be under it with little pictures to identify what type of topic it is, easy to embed vids/images, better categorization and more categories[if needed], ...)

Instant Messenger Revamped would be great (Like the Meebo bar only to the extreme with a few group chats and 1 on 1 IM with friends. more...)

Search System for the entire Site (to make things easier to find, such as users, forum topics, FAQ, etc... and make it easy to use [This I was going to aim to make and put into the Master Bar])

Stats system (I'm aiming to create at least a REACH stats system, since I now have the Bungie Pro thing, I think I should be able to get the REACH API, and make things runs better, this should mean I can make the REACH contests, like MEdal Madness and the sort, done automatically.)

Sidebar Deluxe (Make the sidebar have everything necessary that is not used in the Master Bar, such as recent forum posts, recent news posts, upcoming events, and make it so they show mroe than the amount they show now.)

Spam/Super Filter (This does not mean an annoying filter like B.net's... ok well maybe a bit like B.net with the 30 seconds between post or somehting of the like, but I am aiming to make a spam filter that is advanced enough to stop idiots from spamming or repeating/copy pasting their posts repeated.  We had the problem here before.  BTW thanks for flagging those posts.  Good community good, have a pizza. speaking of flagging...)

Report System (This will be the new "Flagging" system. I don't like the sound of "flagging" since I, personally, never knew what the heck it meant when it said "Flag this post".  Now that I do, I'd rather it say Report.  The idea of this report system in the forums will be that after 5 reports the post is automatically hidden, and when you report an opening post to a topic, the topic is also reported and thus we, the staff, look at it and see if it needs locked or deleted, or whatever. also when you file a report you can mention specifically, or I hope you will be able to, what the reason is to report the post/topic/profile/user.  Also helping us understand what to look for.  This report system will make our lives easier and keep the streets cleaner.)

Profanity Filter (Exactly what the name states, it filters profanity.  Kinda like the B.net one only we won't be using -blam!-.  We most likely will be using either [censored] or the asterix block out or something of the like.  This will help "Keep it Clean".  The filter will HOPEFULLY be in the forums, the blog, the IM/Chat Area system, and the user profile page comments system.  So in otherwords... everywhere. ;) )

Master Bar (or the Armred Bar, is the bar where all the cool interativity will be happening, such as where you sign in and where you can easily edit your User stuff, such as status, edit profile settings/info, etc...  As well as search the sie quickly, and us the chat features, and see who's online, and get notifications.)

RSS feeds (of course we would have our own RSS feed but if I could make it so you could also view the RSS feed of another site, say Bungie.net or Waypoint, or IGN, etc... then would be completely in the loop of the gaming universe.  I've seen this done before, at least with B.net.)

Staff Specific:

Organize the Staff's working area (The Control Center will be made for this, aiming to make it one page only, unless need more.  This will organize our work area and create a good and "healthy" work environment so we can get more done and make it run better.  The areas the Control Center will be covering is, basically all the Staff need to know info, such as, Entire Site recent activity, Reports, Notifications, our Notifier Tool (not yet described), event management area, user management, site statistics, and all that funky jazz. 8) )

Make the job easier (Have the boring and tedious stuff be automatically done by a computer program/Artificial intellegence [I was thinking of making this a seriously intense program that makes the jobs we do a lot easier, this prgram would also be known as the Armred Mascot, that I don't think I ever mentioned before, known as "Armred Guardian".  Thing that would be done automatically would be stuff like, Welcoming PM, Brithdays of Comm. Members in Calendar, Brawl weekly Reminders)

Pre-made Avatar Selection (This is an idea that I thought would be great for the site.  All users who do not accept the CoC (the new HNG3) will not get acceptance benefits and will have to use the Pre-made Avatar selection on the site, so then we, the staff, do not have to worry about monitoring the member's avatars and making sure no inappropriate stuff gets in there.)

Automatic Report System (this is another idea I had added onto the "Make the Job easier" section.  I was thinking if I could code a progaram to scan the site for anything wrong, like bugs/errors, which is possible since there are progams like that out there, I might be able to make it look for people who violate/cheat the profanity filter and other types of breaking the rules.)

Notifier (This is an idea I came up with where the staff will be able to use the notifier to send out notifications to the entire site's population or to a group of the population.  Such as a public notice, a Community notice, a clan notice, and a Staff notice.  The notices would be easily seen at the bottom of the sceen, if you want to view them, in the Notice Tab.  An easy way to get the word out.  Also a notice could be sent out when someone makes a blog post so the people know that if somehting important was posted they can get to it and read it.)

Give me more ideas!  I need to know all the things you guys want so I can make the site right to suit your wants/needs.

(We all know you need this...)

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Reply Chaos Walking
5:55 AM on September 5, 2011 
I'd have to completely agree with Matt on this one; this site sounds awesome, and I absolutely cannot wait for it, but to fill out this new ubersite, we're gonna need a lot more people. We've gotta max out on recruitment somewhere down the line....

As for ideas, you seem to have most of it covered....
Reply Madmatt
3:18 AM on September 5, 2011 
We need to go all out in terms of recruitment on this one. Im talking mass messages, get all you friends involved, FREE STUFF!
Reply Fiendwolf
1:21 PM on September 4, 2011 
@ AIDAN: It's Armored Redemption. Armored Redemption is the whole organization. The whole shizam if you will. HNG will finally develop into what I've wanted it to, into a Halo Clan. (Spoog Halo: Next Generation is the clan name, happy now? lol) There will still be the community on the Armred Website. Plus it will be a better site. The name change is so we will not be unintentionally crippled by using a franchise copyrighted name as the name of the gaming organizations.

(I keep using "organization" to refer to what Armred is, because its not really just a community, once I finish this uber long project and get it up and running smoothly, you'll know what I mean.)

@Ellie: I know I put down a lot of things, but I just want to make sure that you guys all get the best from this site as possible. :D If you have any ideas at all throw some my way. And CoC stands for Code of Conduct... not ****... :/
Reply Ellie
6:06 PM on September 3, 2011 
When you wrote CoC I thought of something else.
You really need more ideas? You listed up like 50 things
Reply AIDAN575
1:01 PM on September 3, 2011 
Whoa. You're telling us that you have even more ideas just swirling around?! That was quite a lot you managed to put to paper so to speak. I guess becoming more of a clan, (don't freak on me!) would mean a name change. Armored Rebellion. Not yet sure if I'm in favour.
Reply ʎʇǝıɔoS
7:13 PM on September 2, 2011 
:O Wow, looks like you've got pretty much everything covered. I'm not sure what exactly what to suggest... Maybe you can make it so that people could alter and how their text looks after every post, like someones is always Calibri with red lettering (Although the color may be distracting or something, I'm not sure...)

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