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What the Future Holds in Store...

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Finish the Fight?  Trust me... this is only the prequel!


This is one of the most important news posts I have probably ever done. Not saying its the most important I'll ever due but it is still a huge important one!  Make sure you read this to know what will be happening in HNG through the course of the next few months and through out our future.

First I'll talk about the upcoming week and the several months to follow.  It's sorta bad news but it will lead up to better news... I think... lol

Starting next week I will be extremely inactive here, XBL, basically everywhere.  The reason for this is my extra curricluar school activity known as "Marching Band".  Rembember it's name, because its now Fiendwolf-Bane. (In other words for those who don't understand that word, it means its bad or an enemy.)

Its okay... just keep on laughing.  It's cool, I can take it... 

Anyh- oh sorry, not done?  Ok go on...

Ok then now I ca-

...really?  You want to keep laughing? I got more to say than just that. 

Well that made you stop! :D


Anyhow, this mean I will have Band Camp and due to band camp I will have to devote a lot of my time to it.  So I will be inactive here, or at least a lot more inactive than I was this summer.  So to make up for my inactivity I will be using the fearsome league of extraordinaty Gentlemen that I have assembled and trained in specific areas to make sure they would be ready for my inactivity. I anticipated this you see.  Since I knew it was going to happen and I knew that last time it happened it was the long and cold bitter end of my beloved 1st born, Everburn. And as you can tell it lead me to make this, the new and better communtiy, anyhow...

The staff will be completing many jobs that I would usually do.  The 5 staff members will look here for that list of chores to do.  (SORRY! No Non-Staff Allowed.  It's top secret here.)  So as all 5 of them will be doing those chores, and if they do them right, you won't even notice that I am gone!  Just keep up the awesome activity you have been doing for the last couple of days and I will come back a bright and happy man - er... uh... wolf! :D   Expect my inactiviy to last a long time, such as up to several months or as long as footbal season.  Last year it went into November if I am correct.  So it may be a while, but I will be back and will be here to protect my brethren from the cold and harsh winter that is to come.

That pretty much covers the next week and several months to follow.  Our expansion will probably be put on pause during that time and there will probably be very minimal, if any clan matches in that amount of time, since I am the one who usualy starts all those things, unless, they come to us.  And then in that case, that means they like us. ;)  But on the bright side the Brawls will continue on a regular basis under the complete control of our Event Manager, MadMatt and the rest of the Staff.

Now, for the things to come in the far future when I get back...  :D  You are all going to like this, at least I hope you do. :P


Some of you may be wondering what that image at the top of this news post is, well,  that my friend is our future.  Not literally you know, like we're not all going to conglomerate into a picture of that, no.  That would be ridiculous. He he... he.... yeah anyway...


I have recently been studying web development and web coding.  I have purchased a book that is a 8 books in 1 special for Web Development for Dummies.  (Hey, all I need it the raw facts and how things work, this gives it to me!)  So far I have gotten through the first 3 books our of 8.  Those books covered HTML, XHTML, and the new HTML5 as well as CSS.  So I have those coding basics down, and now I am in the 4th chapter of book 4 which is all about Java Script and client side programming.  I have only this current Java Script book to get through and then the 4 to tackle will come after it.

You're probably pondering this and asking, "Sooo... What the hell does that mean?"  It means that I am spreading my knowledge of web development so I can apply it to Halo: Next Generation.  This is a big thing, I mean a really big thing.  Or well, it could be  big thing, you know. If I learn it all and I get through all the coding and stuff. :P  But in the end it will be a big thing for me, you, and all of Halo: Next Generation.  I have already finished the base CSS for the site I am working on. (in other words the base style and layout/look of the website)  And it looks nice. :D  It is much like this layout only I take it up a notch and beyond.  I will be attempting to recreate everything that you have here on this website into the new one and so then we can have a similiar, if not better home for HNG then ever before.

Now if you're asking, "Why not keep this website?  Why make a new one?"  This website is a disgrace compared to what I can create through code.  This website is a hosted website off of a free web host/website builder site.  That's why it's address is halonextgen.webs  It is merely a sub-domain we are using off of a web host.  And even though this is by far the best free website builder and free web host out there, I could do so much more if I learned web code. Which I am now. So in the end of this learning and purely academic experiance I will come out ready with the knowledge to "expand the fireplace" as I used to say a long long time ago and as I say now from one of my favorite movies...

"There is always time for aggressive expansion."

And as I have learned throughout my community leader career, you always need to expand and take control.  When you're bigger and better, you show up everyone else and look fantabulous. ;)

And if I do succeed in creating the "Dream Site" for HNG's new Home, it will be infiniteley better than this site.  No more limitations like this site has such as... (Below is some of the things I will aim for to create a better site as a home for HNG.  They are not set in stone.  THEY ARE NOT SET IN STONE! It is merely just a list of my goals.)

Not as many loading problems and failed to load pages

Better navigation throughout the site through the nav bar and other means of navigation.

The "Master Bar", will replace the meebo bar at the bottom the screen and will not be toggle-able due to the fact of its most important features of navigation etc...  Plus I can ensure you that you will love its almost unlimited uses anyhow!

Better Forums: I will recreate better forums, or at least I  aim to create forums from scratch. I may or may not use an Open Source php forum or might just use some features from it.  In the long run we will have infintiely better forums than we do know if I get this going right.

A Bett News Section (blog).  I also aim to create a blog from scratch and check all the code to make sure there are no errors, as I usually do with all my code, and I will also.  I intend to make it a better layout system and organization by including a Headline section where very important headline posts go.  Such as the weekly.  This will put more impotance into the weekly update and with more impotance in it will mean more epic info. :D (don't worry spoog, I will help with the headlines too. ;)  Like this one ehre is a headline basically)

The sidebar will be remastered and organized so it will really only have the Recent News, Recent Forum Posts, and the Upcoming events including a mini calendar at the bottom.  I also aim to make them toggle-able so if you do not want to see one section you just hit the toggle button, as well as a feature to add more recent news posts by hitting a button and more recent forum posts, etc...  So you can see all the recent stuff and be at the top of your HNG game! :D

The Hall of Fame will be improved and better looking so it will include more toggle options so it will not be too overwhelming.  You will be able to toggle which section you want to view and I will add a feature to toggle screenshots as well so you won't be completely overwhelmed by all the information and it won't be too huge.

Better Members Pages, I intend to completely improve and give a whole new and better feel to the members page.  It will have a better Wall/comments section for ever member, including better ways to save and share your screenshots.  I'm thinking of adding a recommendation system so you can recommend your content to your friends

SPAM filiter with all this new stuff I will aslo be adding an improved SPAM system to avoid spam, such as no bombardment of messages etc...

More emoticon icons and stuff like that...

Members will be able to edit their posts.

All Members who accept the Armored Redemption CoC (The new HNG3 that I will improve and revamp for the true good gamer) they will get special features that are not given to all others.  They will have the ability to post videos in their forum posts and so much more! So much more for all the supporters of the CoC (aka Code of Conduct).

The probably only downside, or upside if you're into seeing new things, is there will be a few ads on the site so I can pay off the huge amount of money I will spend on this project.  Yeah, I'm finally not being the cheap free guy withcheap free projects.  No I'm putting money into this project so its free for YOU.  Much much love my friends. <3

I will create basically everything in the new site myself so it will be personally be looked over by me and I will make sure there are no errors with HTML, CSS, Java Script and all the other Code.  (When you get the Development Tools that I have you'd be surprised by how many errors proffesional sites have.  Bungie.net has CSS and Java errors aiming around 5 hundered combined and Google has around 200 errors.  I keep checking sites and I'm surrprised by these errors.  I aim for a site with no errors that loads perfectly.  The true modal site for the internet.  And all for you.)

Armred Avatar selection bank will be made.  This is for all who do not accept the CoC so I won't have to wait for them to put an inappropriate image as their avatar etc... Also all members who accept the CoC will get a signature.  And there will also be, if I can, a Signature selection bank, such as the sigs from HaloCharts with your stats on them.

I also aim to code and create a Halo Stats tracker for you all on the site myself. I dunno if I'll be ready for this when I come to it, but I will at least give it an attempt.

About the ads again, if I do it right I can make some serious $KA-CHING$ from that and from coding. So if that is so, expect some better rewards for winning tournaments such as our current Forge Off contest etc...

Another feature to the site will be SPELL-CHECK! Thank the lord...

Also all current bugs that are known about in this site will be avoided by the coder, me. ;)

Remeber when I said I'd be making this stuff myself?  Yeah the best part about that is that its made by me.  And I'm making it for YOU.  So that means be ready for the best I can make just for you.  I hope it will be enough.  It better be, since it's made with much <3 love. <3

Another Goal that I have already completed for this new site is for it to have a New and better Insiginia or Shield as we will also reffer to it as since it is actually a shield now. It trumps the HNG insignia of ol' and the Everburn Insignia as well.  It's the new Armred Insignia/Shield!  Look above and gawk at it's awesomeness.  It doesn't have as many bad looking problems as the current HNG insignia has.  And it is filled with emotion, feeling, and meaning as all my creations.  And I have always explained the meaning to every aspect of the image for all my communities so I will now explain this one.

It is a Mainly a Shield that is Blue with a Black gradient.  This is the main color scheme of the site.  Like HNG, Blue Black, White and Silver(or gray).  That type of color scheme I have come to call the Dark Frostburn theme since it oftenr esembles dark ice but has blue fire. :)  Also as you notice the shield has a border of blue flames.  Like that of the HNG insignia, and it resembles the smae thing it did in the HNG insignia, which is the Everburn part that is still part of HNG and the new community, but different in a blue color meaning it has changed. :D  Also it includes the elctricity like the HNG insignia and it represents power and change.  Also there is a Star of Light in the midle where the elctricity comes from.  That is the star of hope or star of dreams, if you will.  With hope and dreams anything is possible. And the Shield part mainly represents our hardcore determination and strength.  We're not just dreamers, we're doers! :D

That basically covers all the features of the Shield/Insignia and all their meanings. Not to mention it just looks kickass.

And so much more stuff that I have written down... So much more.  Basically to keep the list short,  I'm going to be taking/copying features from propular sites and try to recreate them in a new HNG style for our HNG's new home.

"New Home? Armored Redemption? Armred?"

Now if you are wondering why I keep saying, "HNG's New Home" instead of HNG's new site that is because HNG is going to become what I always wanted it to be.  HNG will no longer be a community, it will be a clan, but wait! Before you pack up and leave because you're already part of a clan or do not want ot be part of one, hear me out!

I always aimed for HNG to be a Halo gaming clan.  So that's exactly what it will be in the new site, if and when I do create/finish it.  But that doesn't mean we won't have a community like we do now!  Halo: Next Generation is a nice title, but it's not a title  I want to keep since it's directly based off of a Video Game franchise and thus has an expected life span.  I do not like this.  Everburn was named after my love for the Flamethrower and the Flamethrower was removed from Halo and thus I felt like part of Everburn died too.  Not a good feeling for a founder of a community. :P  I don't want to see this community and clan and group of people, my friends, part and seperate since HNG is named after a franchise of a game and when the game ends, we basically end.  So I decided to give us a better and newer name.  One that depicts what we are and who we are.  In fact I mentioned this before.  I decided upon the name with some help form those who were sharing their own ideas in the HNG forums recently.  The name of the communitiy and site that HNG will be moving to is "Armored Redemption".  I chose that name since it fits me as a person and as the founder and it fits HNG.

When I think of Armored Redemption, I think of a person/community, that was kicked down and said they were nothing or worthless, or they couldn't do this or that.  I have had that said to me before and I think its time I built a real connection with my community and my creations.  So I choose Armored Redemption as if to say, "No matter how hard we get kicked down or how many times we fall, we will always blow it off and come back stronger."  And when you look at the History of Armored Redemption, or if you want to call it Halo: Next Generation, or if you even want to still call it Everburn,  the history shows this title fits us.

When I started Everburn I was told it wouldn't work. I was told I would never be able to run a good group.  Thats what I was told, by my friends who wanted to say their group was better.  And then by a very close internet friend who was my second command of Everburn also told me I would go nowhere and that Everburn was JUST a group and it was not a gamer organizaiton or anyhting or that it would ever be.  Well looking around here at HNG I'd say its a pretty good Gamer Group huh?  I'd also say it a good community and a good gamer organization.  I have also learned that all things change. And the more they change the better.  So that's also why HNG is HNG and not Everburn.  "Take the past. Burn it up and let it go." - quote from one of my favorite songs, ...To Be Loved by Papa Roach.  So took the past and left it with the ashes of Everburn while I took the good flames and embers with me to start anew.  HNG is here and strong. HNG will not end, in fact it will grow and expand more than ever.

- I think I'm rambling so I'm gonna just get to the point -

Armored Redemption, or "Armred" for the abbreviation, is currently nothing more than the project's name.  But it will turn into the Home of Halo: Next Generation.  Halo: Next Generation will turn into what I always wanted it to be.  A Good Gamers Clan.  It will be housed in the Armred website and will be fueled by members of the Armred community who want to join the clan.  So there is a place for those of you who want to just be part of a good gamer community. (Note that a community and clan is completely different.  At least my definations of the words and meanings are different.)  So everyone will still have a place.  And in fact their place will be much better than the one we are currently in.  "I aim for the farthest moon, and if I miss I will land among the stars."  I make my expectations and standards high so then I will always aim to be better.  I don't aim for perfection though.  Because aiming for perfection is a fool's errand.  Perfection is actually non-existant other than through your god or whatever religous belief you believe in.  It is offten proven that perfection, to us humans, is actually Perfect Imperfection. Since nothing is perfect, anyhow... thats another one of my views and I have once again strayed from the topic and went off rambling... *sigh* :P

Oh yeah, Emoticons! That reminds me, the forums will be above all other standards.  I have created many emoticons myself and many other images, such as the Shield of Armored Redemption at the top of this news post.  Expect the forums to have better emoticon icons!  Including hundereds new ones and revamped ones.  I will be including two pizza icons so that when you type " (> " or "<)"  you will see a pizza icon pop up in your forum post.  nice huh?  I will also include a cookie for when you type in " (::) ".  That ones just for you cookie lovers, such as Ellie. LOL

So as you can tell, I aim very very VERY high. And I am aiming for a better site and home for this communitiy and for HNG.  So many features I'm going to have to single handedly code myself!  It's sort of overwhelming and I hope you share my crazy excitement for this.  I really can't wait to create this and then put it up live on the World Wide Web.  As you can tell, I have really built a connection with this project and as well as you people here.  My HNG brethren! :D

The only thing left to say is,

"It... Will... Be... Amazing..."

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Reply ʎʇǝıɔoS
12:54 AM on July 31, 2011 
We're finally having an official website? With pizza and cookies?That's awesome!
Reply AIDAN575
10:26 PM on July 30, 2011 
Oh yeah! sounds like youre moving in leaps and bounds. (nom nom nom pizza emoticons!
Reply Fiendwolf
3:25 PM on July 30, 2011 
Please remember that this is what I aim for. I cannot promise this but what I can promise is that in the end we will not longer be in this dingy ol' hut of a site. We'll be living it large. And yesh, if I can I will probably make LOADS more emoticons/icons. :D

@ Matt: Of course it sounds evil, its form the Joker! :D lol
Reply Chaos Walking
12:50 PM on July 30, 2011 
Reply Madmatt
6:21 AM on July 30, 2011 
I like the "aggressive expansion" part. Its sounds evil....
Reply spoog911
9:00 PM on July 29, 2011 
Hahah Ellie knowing Roy there will be alot more than just cookie emoticons
Reply Ellie
4:14 PM on July 29, 2011 
I farted when you mentioned the spelling filter and about the clan thing. Wierd.

Btw, You're my new hero o_o Goodbye Captain America...
Reply Fiendwolf
3:55 PM on July 29, 2011 
If you're a TL;DR kinda person then you are missing out. Also, I was completely filled with excitement as I wrote that. I still am now. I really can't wait. It will be my best Web and Gaming Project ever.

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