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HWM vs HNG competative Overview

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 26, 2011 at 7:39 PM

We went up against the Halowheelmen on July 24th, a Sunday.  Once again, not many of you showed up for unkown reasons, but it was ok since we had at least 5 people.  I didn't feel so bad since the Halowheelmen just threw together, as far as I know, of a mix of Helljumpers, HWM clan members, and the rest of their mix. lol we all got our own special method of orginations. ;)  Get ready to dive head first into the brilliant world of words as I dedscribe our very first competative match and its outcome in detail. :D

HNG Participants:


Chaos Walking (Indigrwoe)

KIra (nearryuzaki94)



HWM Participants:

HWM BlackKnight

HWM Yozi

HWM Tutle

HWM Cruckeyee

HWM Cheesball



There were none aloud at all and none were able to make it through our epic and awesome "clan match random shield".

Competative Clan Match Overview

Crazy KOTH

We dropped right into a Crazy game of Crazy King.  Unfortuneately all the default gametypes are screwed up and thats what I used so we had to run around to hills that only lasted for 1minute.  :/  Oh well.  In the begining and halfway through, HNG had the lead by just a bit, but halfway through HWM took the lead and kept it to the end with 96 score to 65.  Running our faces into the ground with the power of wheels...

(fail pun...)

Winner: HWM

DMR Squad Slayer on Tempest

We then locked out guns and embraced the most elegent weapon of all, the Designated Marksman Rifle.  That's right.  I said the whole name instead of the accronym because of emphasis... so I'm cool like that. ;) In the begining it wasn't so bad.  We were pretty tied up until they got their hog back up and our hog destroyed.  Then they dominated the field with their beloved warthog.  Cheeseball decided to poke fun at us at the end about his dominance in the Hog.  Silly, silly ol' cheeseball... lol. So in the end because of their amazing communication and their excellent hogging skills and our disfunctional communications, [Sorry Communications was down on July 24th due to malfunction in the servers.  The problem likely occured from pizza sauce and bacon grease from the web master]  they steaked us good.  But at leas they didn't pizza us!  (30 instead of 20)

Winner: HWM

Jump Rope on Jump Rope

We played the infection variant, Jump Rope.  The humans stand still on a line as they jump up to dodge the infected who are driving and crashing into the humans to infect them.  We took this little break in the clan match so we wouldn't all go into MLG hyperventalation mode.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

'nuff said. ;)

So we played Jump rope and after all the splattering and the tripping over the dang rope we all woke up to see WakkaWakka cushing the competion witha  score of 15 followed by HWM Cruckeyee with 7.

Winner: WakkaWakka

CTF on Asylum

We then went head first into CTF on Asylum.  Not my favorite map for CTF but hey, who cares.  it was still fun and we were doing very well by giving them plenty of competation.   We both had a Tie of 1 score throughout the game, and once the game started we had an instant AFK, Soc who had to "Mow the lawn" as he said. Later on it evened out when one of theirs had to leave the game.  So we were pretty much even until the end, where they broke the stale mate where we had each others flag and couldn't score.  They killed us, scored, and took the newly spawned falg back to the base and got the winning score.  Hard and tough game.  They knew how to play.  :)  3 to 1 was the outcome and it was a very good game.

Winner: HWM

SWAT on Anchor 9

We then went out of this world and into a space station known as Anchor 9.  We played SWAT on this and yet again HNG fell to HWM's power, BUT they did not steak us.  8)  The score was 50 to 32.

Winner: HWM

That ended the Clan Match and we then continued to do some Brawling in Gravitation on Bloodbath!

Gravitiation on Bloodbath

We then brought out the big sticks and the stickies as we went full out gravitational on each othre in the beloved and tradition Brawl map, Bloodbath.  After all the water splashes and the blood flying, the victor of it all was HWM Cruckeyee holding his hamma high above his head in triumph.

Winner: HWM Cruckeyee

Race on Coastline Dusk

We then went into Halo Kart (aka "race with mongeese") and raced on the map Coastline Dusk which was a more calming nighttime race map on Tempest.  It was still fun! :D  And out of all the banged up mongeese and the dented armor, I came out 1st in the lead of the race.

Winner: Fiendwolf

Race on Race

Our last game with the Halo Wheelmen was another Race gametype on a map called "Race". Fitting huh? :P The winner of this race was our very own SqueakyToy404 who was followed closely in second by HWM Yozi.

Winner: Squeaky

Overall I felt that that day was not my good day and I felt I wasn't playing my "A" game. I usually do better than that, heck I think we all, HNG, usually do better than that. lol  Well, we played and we had many good games.  And the best part of this Clan Match is we got to know the Halo Wheelmen, we look forward to playing with them in future clan matches.  They may have won this competative match, but counting on the fact that no HNG member acted immature child in anyway shape or form, we most definiately rivalled them in good gamership! :D  And that's saying something counting that the HWM are especially good gamers.  Thats enough of a victory for me. :)

The outcome of the HWM vs HNG competative Clan Match was...

HWM Victories: 4

HNG Victories: 0


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Reply Dingle
2:16 PM on July 29, 2011 
You are correct Mr Fiend, i like to troll every now and again. :D
Reply Fiendwolf
1:26 PM on July 29, 2011 
lol, spoog. It's Dingle. He likes to poke at people and get on their nerves once in awhile. Right ol' Dingle? :D And its okay that you were not there spoog, since you had a valid reason and told me before. I would just like to know who will definitely be there and who will definitely and with reasons from those who would definitely not. BTW, the halo wheelmen looked at this and I hope to god they didn't see your thrashing comments. ROFL :D I hope they know this is strictly a constructive conversation below... :P
Reply spoog911
11:19 AM on July 29, 2011 
I have post about 3 replys too your post and everyone of them has not come up WFT.
I would have loved to be there but i was because life got in the way and at the end of the day i put life before games.
I do not know why your have started this row because you were not there it does not make sence it had noting to do with you,
now if someone who was there started this i would under stand but sometime's i think you just enjoy annoying me.
Reply Dingle
10:51 AM on July 29, 2011 
I turned up late to one brawl :) I said it was a bad idea that they included you for this match, i was proved right. It was your idea you should have been there. I was a reserve for the match but there was like what, 7 people ahead of me plus my Internet gave out. :P
Reply spoog911
10:23 AM on July 29, 2011 
Dingle says...
Wasnt this match your idea spoog? You werent there? way to leave your team hanging out there man. Disappointing.

So how many time have left us hanging at brawl's you can really late to our last mixer too am i correct. Yes it way's my idea however Life get's in the way of things if you haven't noticed, I had no idea that i would not be back yes i was online in my friends house but he''s the kind of guy that if he kill you he T-bag's you and Roy would not be please if that happened , and anyway i told Roy that there was good chance that i would not be playing seeing as i did not have my connection fix'd for the match like Roy wanted.Yes it was my idea but it was a suggestion for us too see what a real clan played like. Also there was a number of other people who left our team hanging including you so you have no right to give out to me for not being there.
Reply Dingle
9:15 AM on July 29, 2011 
Wasnt this match your idea spoog? You werent there? way to leave your team hanging out there man. Disappointing.
Reply spoog911
11:53 AM on July 28, 2011 
If i told you that i thought we would win i would be lying. :P
But really it was a great chance for some of the HNG people to see real team work in action.

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