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Dropshock Brigade Mixer & HWM Competative Match

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 20, 2011 at 2:58 PM

First up we got a REACH mixer with the Dropshock Brigade on Saturday 23rd, this weekend, @ normal Brawl times, in other words at 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, 9pm Alpha.  Get the Brawl teams together and get ready to play a  series of good games with mixed up teams.  And I once agian, want to make sure you all know what I mean by good games.  In short it means play maturely, respectively, no complaining, no yelling, no loud rowdy talking, etc...  The usual.

So prepare drop head first into hell with the Dropshock Brigade!

HWM Competative Match

The next day, after the Dropshock Brigade mixer, we have our very first competative match ever and our very first competative match with the Halowheelmen.  The Match will be held on Sunday the 24th, the day right after our ODST mixer, at later times than we are used to @ 4pm CST, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT, 11pm Alpha time.  I need all the brawl people to be there so we got our max of 6 to 8 people.  Now this is how the competative match will work, we will be in strict teams of preferrably 6 to 8, HNG vs HWM.  No body else is allowed in other than HNG Full-Members and HWM members.  We will be playing good games in almost all gametypes and in all default and DLC maps.  Make sure you have the DLC for a more enjoyable competative match!  After we are done with our match, whoever has won the most games will go home the victor, and the other will crawl back home in a bloody mess as the loser.  Now with that said,  I cannot tell you how important it is to ENFORCE and OBEY the HNG3.  If you do not obey it or break it in any clan match, competative, recreational, or a mixer, you will be punished harder than normal, BUT most over all heavy punishment for disobeying the HNG3 will be when playing competative matches.  Like this HWM vs HNG match.  If you do not follow the HNG3 you will be booted from the party ASAP and I will then punish you even further here.  In clan matches you directly represent Halo: Next Generation.  We need to have a good name out there or we're just one of those useless and F***ed up clans out there. And we would turn out to be hypocrits.  And I do not look forward to turning out to be a hypocrit.  At all... :mad:

So with that said, be on your best behaivor for both of these Clan Matches.  Stay mature and responsible.  Do not complain or whine like a little child.  Do not get overly aggresive and competative and start cussing at or insulting the opposing team(s).  If you do, you will have placed your head out for decapitation in the most figurative form of punishment.

And above everyhing else, have fun and enjoy your matches.  Laugh and get to know the others from Dropshock and HWM.  We're looking to make them our friends, not our enemies. LOL :lol:

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Reply Dingle
5:26 PM on July 23, 2011 
I thought this was tomorrow! D: luckily i got on for the last hour, phew.

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