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HaloSphere2 is Up and Active

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM

That's right. That little text based browser game has been moving along nice in development and they have now created the second version.  And I must say it is much better than the old version. Why you may ask?  Well I'll tell you why. ;)

The old HaloSphere was on multiple pages, while HS2 is only on one page and uses Javascript and other coding types to load up different sections of the page.  So in other words, not as much lag and wait time as there was in the old sphere.  Also, they have made the territories work in a better way so that if someone in your faction owns a map then whenever you play on that map and you are in that same faction you will get a bonus.  Very lovely and helpful if you ask me.  HaloSphere2 is just an overal better HaloSphere!

In HS2, there is now the ability to make clans.  So of course I want you all to go into HaloSphere2 and join my, soon to be created once I level up once more to lvl 15, HNG clan.  So then we can pwn noobs HNG style in the Sphere. ;)  So join up in HS2 and join the Rouge Seperatist faction since that's the coolest one out there. 8)  (You must join the Rouge Seperatist Faction if you want into the HNG HS2 Clan!)  And then get your level up to level 10 and message me then so I can give you an invite to join the HNG clan.  You must be a level 10 join the clan! It won't let me accept any lower and also only 8 people can be in a clan so hurry up! And all that and since I play the sphere a lot I'll help you guys out cred wise since in clans you can share creds and then you guys can become ultra epic in skilz

Oh and I do recommend that in the next two weeks if you join that you get on everyday for at least 10 seconds to win one match since its sort of new as of last friday and everyone is joining and killing all the noobs.  Everburn people remember when I said I had a loss streak of 23 and you all laughed at me?  Yeah well now I got a loss streak in Sphere 2 of 70.  Beacuse I wasn't on for one day. LOL  but the popularity in the sphere will decrease overtime and it will be easier to get up your win streaks. 

If you are new to all of HaloSphere, then do not worry, since there are tutorials and all that built into the website of HS2 to help newcomers and basically everyone with all of the sphere! :D

Also just so you guys know, the Old sphere will stay up and running as well.  So do not fret. ;)

Now it's time to get Sphereical! :D

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Reply zappydogy
9:20 PM on July 19, 2011 
It's really changed now

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