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HNG Weekly Update

Posted by spoog911 on July 8, 2011 at 8:06 AM

Hng weekly update                                                                    

...That's right it's time for your weekly does of awesome...

Bungie day                                                                                                                        

                           Bungie                             VS                                   World

                                  48                                                                                        83

Well there you go lady's the results are in bungie lost by 35 five game's o.0 that's not to say the kicked some royal B-hinds along the way.So all in all bungie day's over most people enjoyed it some did not but bungie are not finsihed yet because there "10 year's of halo" Vidoc is sapossedly out today XD so get ready becuase it gona one hell of a wrap-up.

But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their gaming required courage beyond measure...sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their day; *our* day, was Steaktacular. As we start to replay their games, our skulls will remain barren, a memorial to employees fallen. They ensconsed all of us, and they shall not be forgotten.

Halo News                                                                                                                         

Should you enjoy sharing your Halo: Reach experience with that one special someone, you'll want to head over to Forge Hub and check out their 2v2 Throwdown Tournament. Allowing sign-ups until the 17th of July, this is a great opportunity to not only win some sweet prizes—assuming you consider Astro Headsets sweet, that is—but it also serves as an excellent excuse to dip into some of the amazing user-created content Forge Hub has to offer. So come HNG show us what you got and go win the torny.

2v2 throwdown sign ups



bs angel’s Top 5 for the Title Update


1. If I send out a hologram when playing Snipers and someone fires at it, make the bullets ricochet back at the shooter. Bonus points if I get credit for the resulting kills.


2. Add a “Wort-wort-wort” speech bubble, Heart Attack-style, Elite armor effect. Rainbows coming out of Spartans’ backsides would also be an acceptable addition.


3. Create a facepalm animation, accessible by pressing “X” immediately after dying. Appropriate uses would include the aftermath of these all-too-common (for me, anyway) occurrences:


a. I’m chasing an opponent, and they evade backwards and successfully assassinate me

b. I throw a Plasma Grenade, the intended enemy armor-locks, and it bounces back, sticking to my face

c. I get meleed to death after getting an Assist Streak in a rockets-only gametype.


4. Any time I nail people with a fully charged Plasma Pistol shot, shock them with a real life jolt of electricity through their controllers. Also, vids or it didn’t happen.


5. If I’m fighting someone, they’re almost dead, and they use Armor Lock, make their Xbox turn off. Perhaps forever.

Weekends and webcomics go hand in hand, and there's no better day to celebrate that relaxing ritual than on Friday. Today's Halo-themed Weekend Webcomic—which is simply one part of an impressively gorgeous and incredible fan-made series—is brought to you by the talented artist known as Leviathan.

Hng News                                                                                   

As of the July 5th, we have reached out 100 members mark!....And i next goal is 164 member's why 164 becuase that is the amount Roy's old group had.(i was apart of it).  :D

Forge off!                                                                                                                                                              

We will be having out very first Forge Off Contest! The way it works is like this... You enter by asking to enter and by being a full-member of HNG. Then once you have entered you will create a map for the Forge Off. The maps will be looked over and played in the Brawls. Please aim for maps that are recommended for 4v4 to 8v8, because then we can fully test the maps in the brawls and take everyone's opinion on the maps.


> You must be a full-member of HNG to participate.

> You must be able to share your maps over online connection so we can get access to them via B.net.

> All maps must be playable for 4v4 to 8v8 because of the people that attend the Brawls.

> All maps must be made in REACH.

> If you enter the contest you cannot vote on the content.

The brawl                                                                                                                            

Well in the most recent brawl XIII the headshot honchos won there first competitive brawl (i think) so congratz to them.

The first of 3 reminder's, If you play infection with dingle stay as far away as posible because he is very trigger happy,I would know he a liking to following me around the map betraying me  :lol: .

The second of 3 reminder's, The next Brawl will be on sunday the 10th of july, it will be a casual brawl.

The third of 3 reminder's, We have our clan match's coming up some so i hope your practicing like crazy because if not we won't have a chance. 

Vid of the week                                                                                                                   




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Digitom felt inspired to create a Dead Space-themed machinima, so—using video footage from Halo: Reach—they set about doing just that. While there's no delightfully gory limb removal, the end result is still an entertaining watch. Press play, and see for yourself!

That's it for this week see you all at the brawl 

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Reply Fiendwolf
1:49 PM on July 8, 2011 
Kick Butt weekly mate. Kick butt! And Iove the Dead Space machinima!

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