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BUNGIE vs The World | 7 on the 7th

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 7, 2011 at 6:15 AM

That's right.  Today is 7 on the 7th, Bungie's last and final Bungie vs The World as well as their last Hump Day.  I say it's time to go out there and show them who's the boss!  And earn outselves a nice delicious steak while we are at it. ;)

It's time to lock and load.  Head to your drop pods.  Close the door and lock yourself in.  Prepare to drop!  We're going head first into action into the Bungie vs the World playlist.   We will be organizing seceral teams of HNG people hunting for some juicy steak and Bungie blood.  ;)  I dunno when I'll be on, but I do know it will most likely be whenever MadMatt is on since we're gonna play together.  We'll invite some of ya to fill in the holes and then the rest of you crazy dogs can go make up your own teams.  :D

<"Temination Program">

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< ... Processing>

<!Tagets Identified!>

<Tagets ID:>

> "Humproast"

> "Porterhaus"

> "Tender Loins"

> "Heavenly Beef"

<Targets ID: END>

< ... Processing>

<Commence Termination>

<"Happy Hunting!">

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Reply Fiendwolf
3:11 PM on July 7, 2011 
Whodey1112 says...
I like steak but i'm going to play just to have the chance to whip up on bungie...............lol
lol Hey man sorry I couldn't play with ya. Once you sent the inv we got a full team of 4. Sorry man. :/

Well, I'm done gaming for the day and I got no fights against Bungie and no juicy steaks sent from Bungie... But I did get plenty of steak taculars! :D

After our first rough start with some gaming in the team with Dingle, Matt, and AIDAN. We had some good games and some bad ones and plenty of thousands of Armour locking people who sent us all up the wall and drove some insanity and corruption. With that team we steaked 3 games and we got steaked 3 games. :P

After that hell hole of fun, I got into another team of 4, this time with my bro, swat xJacksonx, and Matt. We went in and devistated the battlefield with our supreme power. With that team we didn't lose once and we almost had all the games as steak tacular wins, but one game we didn't have a steak tac. (so close!) I could hear the Randoms crying all the way home after our ass-whooping. We then steaked the enemy once again 3 more times

Then Matt had to go and we headed into Bungie Day with a team of 3 getting paired up with a good guy who wasn't a squeaker, thank god, and communicated well with us. We won that game as well with a steak! :D We then brought in a retiree from HWM to join us and with Duce we commenced more steakage. We then got 3 more steaks the next three games. :D

Now if only all those steaks were on Bungie. I would have been able to feed my family for a week. He He He! :D
Reply Whodey1112
10:53 AM on July 7, 2011 
I like steak but i'm going to play just to have the chance to whip up on bungie...............lol
Reply Fiendwolf
10:09 AM on July 7, 2011 
Dingle says...
No Bungie has of yet...

That's believable since there is only 4 BUNGIE employees that play together. Then the they do a rotation on the GTs with other employees. And if you think about it like 8 games an hour then multiply that by 24 due to 24 hours you get, 192 games. Not many games to play with Bungie. And if you multiply 192 by 4 then you get the number of randoms who get to play Bungie, which is around 768. So in other words... There is a very slim chance that we will be able to play with bungie due to those calculations since there are so many people who are playing in the playlist.

:/ That's sort of depressing when you think about it....
Reply Dingle
9:01 AM on July 7, 2011 
No Bungie has of yet...
Reply Fiendwolf
7:12 AM on July 7, 2011 
MadMatt says...
I already got a 30.000 jackpot.

Nice! :D You get Bungie yet though?
Reply Madmatt
7:10 AM on July 7, 2011 
I already got a 30.000 jackpot.

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