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Brawl XIII Overview

Posted by Fiendwolf on July 5, 2011 at 10:30 AM

The Brawl XIII was supposed to be competative but since we kpet having around 6 people or some odd numbers we kept playing FFA gametypes.  So whom everv wins the most games will represent their team and then their team will be the victorious ones.  So let's check out who won!

We played a total of 9 games according to B.net.  The majority were FFA types.


People Who participated:




Sergeant Novak


Dingle FTW

VotelessSilence (DNF)



Crazy King on Countdown

We kicked off the Brawl with some an intense game of Crazy King.  It was fight to the death over the hill to sort out the men from the boys.  In other words, to see who could play Objective games like an objective games.  I was sort of dissapointed.  Maybe it's just because I'm the Founder of HNG so I'm obligated ot be king or something like that. ;) jk

The end score was with me in the lead with a score of 106 and in second was SPARTANSLAYERR with 36 tied with VotelessSilence if he didn't quit. lol @ fake ragequit.

Winner: Fiendwolf

Victory for The Fiends

Oddball on Zealot

We already found out who was king so we went into Oddball on zealot to see who was the oddball of the group.  MadMatt joined us from his intense game of Racing and he was AFK half the time here.  Probably getting a bacon pizza or something. lol  So out of all 6 of us, or 5 if you don't count Matt, the highscore was 150 which ended the game.  The winner was myself.  So I am the kind and the oddball. :P  In second was Sergeant Novak with 79, aiming to be the oddball in the group. :lol:  Sorryy, sometimes I can't contain my laughter at my own puns, oh... he he he... oh... sorry.  Alrighty- AHEM - and that was the game!

Winner: Fiendwolf

Victory for The Fiends

Juggernaut on DEEP SPACE

We then commenced the battle on  a different and better oddball in the next game, Juggernaut!  It was an intense game fighting in 0 gravity ready to kill the juggernaut with out Pipes and Shotties. lol  In the end of all the no gravity fun DIngle came out and dinglized  us all with his epicness of 200 points followed in second by Novak with 155.

Winner: Dingle FTW

Victory for the Fiends

Team Slayer on Condemned

We then commenced to another space station which was close to it's doomed end.  We set up the Brawl teams.  The Headshot Honchos vs The Fiends!  It was 3v3.  SPARTANSLAYERR filled in a spot on my team as spoog was being used as the extra on his team.  We fought and we tried hard but in the end the combined forces of "UNLEASH THE FIEND!" and the "DINGLIZER" could not beat the "Spoog Effect" and "GO MADMATT GO MADMATT GO!".  The timer ran out as we held off their evil wickedness and the Headshot honchos came out Victorious!  Congrats Headshots Honchos! Congrats!

Winner: Headshot Honchos

Victory, no duh, by complete devistation on the field of the other team for the Headshot Honchos

Headhunter on NOReflection

We left the far out reaches of space and landed nicely in the wooden halls of NOReflection.  We played another objective game, known as HeadHunter.  A highlight of the game was when there were over 8 Skullamanjaroes  in the number of skulls all at the bottom of the mechanic lift.  Of course we all tried to get those beloved skulls. ;) In the end the winner of the Headhunting and the new Headhunter, or headless Hunter :P ,  is...  myself.  I had a score of 25 followed by Novak in second with 12.  I ended it with a Skullimenjaro.

Winner: Fiendwolf

Victory for the Fiends

Team Slayer on Dug Out

We finally commenced into the world of true custom content instead of the usual default maps.  We mixed up the teams a bit by switch spoog over to my team and dingle over to their team.  In the end it was a close match that ended swiftly at the 25 score mark.  On my team we lost SPARTANSLAYERR and spoog kept lagging in and out.  Yet spoog led my team.  The score was 25 to 20 favouring red team.  Even though we had mixed teams, for this we'll just count that as a Headshot Honcho victory since the team captain was on that team.

Winner: Headshot Honchos + Dingle

Victory for Headshot Honchos

Infection on Powerhouse

We then left the comfy turf and cliff and left down into the dirty canyon and desert area of Powerhouse to fight off the crazy infection of the Zombies!  It was afun game and full of betrayals since we needed more zombies.  :P  You like that spoog? rofl.  I bleive spoog was the main taget for dingle and when I betrayed MadMatt I got booted. and I then commenced to LMAO!!!!!!  And I came back into the game.  In the end it was a close match between the two team captains but I wasn't giving it my all and MadMatt sneaked in the sly last kill giving him the win with 21 points closelt followed by myself with 20.

Winner: MadMatt

Victory for the Headshot Honchos

Team Slayer on Lckou7

We then commenced into a game of Team Slayer on a Lockout remake by Dingle.  We once again had mixed teams and Headshot Honchos got an extra man once the game started.  It was a close game until we lost our edge and the 4v3 crushed teh 3.  It was an unfair win for the Headshot Honchos but I'll let it count as win anyhow for them. Oh, We won't be letting ya have the Dinglizer anymore kk?  You keep your "Spoog Effect". lol

Winner: Headshot Honchos + Dingle

Victory for the Headshot Honchos

SWAT on Tempest

We then commenced a FFA SWAT match.  It was hell on the huge open map but it happens. LOL MadMatt said he did it for me, but I think he knew he had an ace in the hole with Sergeant Novak who won the game with 25 followed in second by Ogbuehi, a friend of soemones, who had 22.

Winner: Sergeant Novak

Victory for the Headshot Honchos


And once you add it all up the winner of the competetive Brawl XIII, is the Headshot Honchos...  By sheer dumb luck.  Congratulations Headshot Honchos for your victory in the competative brawl XIII.  You've earned your place among the Hall of Fame. :D


Now for the MVP of the Brawl XIII.  Well.  No one seemed to really shine during that brawl, or everyone was basically all the same, so it will have to go to SPARTANSLAYERR  for making it to his very first ever Brawl in HNG history.  Congrats SLAYERR! Congratulations!

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Reply spoog911
5:45 PM on July 6, 2011 
I will i get MVP yet!?!?!?! but congratz slayer

O and dingle i killed you mulitiple time with wepon's on condemed
Reply Dingle
1:28 PM on July 6, 2011 
LOL!! On condemned, It was only Matt that killed me with a gun, i swear everytime i engaged with the others they'd just sprint towards me and pummel me.
Reply Fiendwolf
10:43 AM on July 6, 2011 
Dingle says...
Meh, having people run around using double pummel has their only source of kills isnt competitive IMO. But i'll roll with it...

lol what game was that? The Deepspace one? We did FFA headhunter, KOTH, oddball. There's more to it than double pummel...
There's beat downs and assassination as well! LOL! jk
Reply Dingle
10:39 AM on July 6, 2011 
Meh, having people run around using double pummel has their only source of kills isnt competitive IMO. But i'll roll with it...
Reply Fiendwolf
7:12 AM on July 6, 2011 
err.... And dingle. We mixed up team remember?
Reply Madmatt
6:26 AM on July 6, 2011 
Simly outclassed by my team...
Reply Fiendwolf
6:16 AM on July 6, 2011 
Dingle says...
Congartz SPARTANSLAYERR (didnt we only have one 'competitive' game though? the Team Slayer on Condemned?) Next time play a best of 7 series.

As stated above, All the games were competitive. If a Fiend won then the Fiends would get the win for the game. If a Headshot won then the headshots honchos would get the win. That's how this one worked Since it would have been better then 3v3 the whole time.
Reply Dingle
1:26 PM on July 5, 2011 
Congartz SPARTANSLAYERR (didnt we only have one 'competitive' game though? the Team Slayer on Condemned?) Next time play a best of 7 series.

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