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HNG Weekly Update

Posted by spoog911 on June 30, 2011 at 2:43 PM

I say hi.......When your least expecting it.

HNG Events                                                   

We Hng in the upcoming month will be doing a multitude of Clan match's against the Halo Wheel Men, OutCast Reborn and the  Dropshock Brigade of course i expect all HNG members to be ready and bring the fight to them,show them we are a force to be reckoned with.And just to remind everyone when there on......

The date we will be going for for the HWM vs HNG is the 24th of July. The time will be 4pm CST, 5pm EST, 10 pm GMT, 11 Alpha.

Currently the date/timethat we are aiming for to hold this Mixer is the 17th, a Sunday in July at 4pm CST, 5pm EST, 10am GMT, and 11 Alpha.

We'll be dropping into mixed up combat with the DropShock Brigade on Saturday 23rd of July at usualy Brawl times.

And to clear thing's up the HWM match is the only real competitive brawl we are going for the win.The OCR and DSB match's are mixer, meaning we will have HNG and (Insert Clan) members on the same team.Were going for 6v6 or 8v8 for all of them It will most likely to default map's to keep the match even. 

Bungie News                                                  

Bungie Aerospace is not there next game. In fact, it's not even a game at all. Nope, it's a new venture that will connect Bungie - and you - with what we hope will become a celebrated group of kick ass mobile developers who dream of seeing their own games rocket off the launch pad and touch down safely into the palms of your hot little hands.

Check out the fancy press release.


Creators of Halo Establish Bungie Aerospace


Bungie Ignites Commitment to Independent Developers


Bellevue, WA (PR Web) June 30, 2011 – Today Bungie launched the first phase of a new venture, Bungie Aerospace, created to help independent developers create brilliant mobile and social games. Bungie Aerospace will give studios the creative freedom and the resources they need, like access to the Bungie.net platform and an audience with the incredible Bungie community, to launch their entertainment experiences into orbit.


“Bungie has always been passionate about making and playing great games, regardless of platform,” said Pete Parsons, Bungie COO. “Bungie Aerospace will allow us to explore game creation in multiple formats with some amazingly talented teams. Now that we’ve returned to our roots as an independent studio, we are in a position to launch Bungie Aerospace to support, foster, and elevate like-minded, independent developers.”


Bungie Aerospace’s first official partnership is with Seattle-based developer Harebrained Schemes, helmed by Jordan Weisman, the creative mind behind Halo 2’s “I Love Bees” Alternate Reality Game, FASA Interactive, Wizkids, the MechWarrior and Shadowrun universes, and dozens of other creations and companies. The studio’s first mobile gaming title, "Crimson," is set to launch this summer on iOS and Android devices.


More details about Harebrained Schemes' first mobile title developed under the Bungie Aerospace banner will be available in the weeks to come.


Bungie aerospace

Well it's not there new game and I am not going to I am very disapointed but it will help up and come dev's to get there game out there.

Halo News                                                                                    

            -Halo reach Title update-              


Straight from the 343I website:

We’re pleased to confirm that we’re planning a Title Update (a small download which will add some interesting functionality) for Halo: Reach in preparation for the multiplayer aspect of Halo: Anniversary.


If your heart suddenly sped up, fret not, Reach fan. This is something that will not only sit side-by-side with Reach’s existing gameplay and will be accessible by both Reach and Anniversary players, but will allow us to make fairly significant changes to multiplayer gameplay within the confines of Matchmaking. We’ve talked about this as a way to better recreate the classic Halo: CE feel for the new classic maps, and it will let us do some things in gameplay that simply aren’t possible now. I don’t want to give too much away until we get through gameplay and bug-testing, but an example scenario would be allowing you to play, say, [REDACTED] with zero fall damage. Now that’s a limited and simplistic example, but it does speak to the way we’re approaching the changes philosophically. There are some bigger ticket “classic” Halo gameplay elements which people are clamoring for and which we intend to do our best to deliver on. More news about specific changes and the timing of the Title Update will be forthcoming. But I can say that, having tried a few of the more significant tweaks, certain “classic” elements are already working with beautiful and deadly efficiency.


We congratulate, thank, and celebrate Bungie as they close the Halo chapter of their lives. For those of us at 343, though? Well, I think we're just getting started…



bs angel.

Well there it is in black and white there will be a title update for reach.Now if theis is a good thing or a bad thing is up to debate.

Video of the week                                           

 Spartan Heaven

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Well that it for my first update ill more then likely do this every Friday (Bar today) if i am kept ,If Roy dosent like what i have done i will most likely not be doing these anymore.



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5:56 PM on July 5, 2011 
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I could get used to this :P
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8:54 AM on July 1, 2011 
This is some good stuff, spoog. Keep up the good work, add some spoog flair with images here and there and you got yourself a job. ;)

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