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Brawl XII Overview

Posted by Fiendwolf on June 26, 2011 at 6:48 PM

The Brawl started off great but unfortuneately took a turn for the worse after about an hour.  There were tons of people there.  Everyone's friends of friends and more. Probably not the most exciting brawl, but certainly one of the biggest. Ha ha ha!  But enough chit chat.  Time to get down and dirty into an overview for the twelfth Brawl!  :D

People Who Participated:

  • out lawCRAZED
  • Zappydogy
  • xHunt3rzASSASSN
  • Toshirou27
  • AZ Da Eaglee
  • Berfeldt (ellie)
  • Fiendwolf
  • Huggy92
  • spoog911
  • Dingle FTW
  • SocietyResistLX
  • PredatorScrub
  • TheMomokitsune
  • AgG1E12tHmAn
  • swat xJACKSONx

Team Slayer on Dug Out

We first played Team Slayer on Dug out and due to a huge boom in the party once the game started B.net has failed to save the game for us.  But what is known is that is was a great game full of intense fights and blue team trying to take us down on red team. Constantly invading our base, but we of course knew how to remove them from it, like poison form a wound.  VERY painfully ;)  In the end my team, red team, won.

Winner: Red Team

Team Slayer on Remnant

We prepared to drop into a world of pain on my map Remnant.  With some slight lag and frame rate issuses making the map suck more than ever expected before. But we toughed it out and kept on trucking with the Brawl.  Blue team whooped ass and whiped the floor with Red team, my team. They had 100 vs 88.

Winner: Blue Team

Big Bro Slayer on Ichor

We went out to clash on my map Ichor and the blood flowed lovely this time from my team once again. Red Team, Spoog, Ellie, Society, and myself all died very... valiantly. It was 68 vs 56.

Winner: Blue Team

Race on Mirror Madness

Now that everyone left and went with AL to race their butts off, we joined the race and reved out mongeese like idiots.  The first race we crashed in on after the starting Flag was waved and we all were in last while AL was in the lead with 70.



I could have used some whiskey for this game. I was already driving like a drunk anyhow!  LOL but that wasn't enough to stop me, and apparantly it wasn't enough to stop Huggy either.

Winner: Huggy

Race on Yoshi's Raceway

For me I was out of it and apparantly was in last. Glad to bear it proudly too.  lol  Spoog was in first the whole time until his connection gave and he had to go with second behind out lawCRAZED.

Winner: out lawCRAZED

Race on Toad's Turnpike

Killball central here. We all raced for our lives but not fast enough to catch up to outlaw who took the lead with 34 check points finished. And everyone else played too. ;) lol

Winner: out lawCrazed

I then ditched the party and took Society, Berg, and Swat xJACKSONx with me.

Slayer DMRs on Cliffhanger

It seemed like a pretty boring game of slayer with out dmrs trying to kill the other team of whom didn't want to die. But in the end after long time of struggling we pulled through and HNG beat the randoms with 50 to 41.  And we were in our HNG Blue team color. ;)

Winner: HNG

SWAT on Pinnacle

We switched gears to SWAT.  This is MY domain. ;) But surprisingly I was in last of my team, good thing I had them or it would have been a fail game.  Jack lead us with 16 closely followed by Soc with 14 and then Berg with 12, and I came in caboose with 8...  But we smashed their team down with a score of 50 against 19.

Winner: HNG

SWAT Magnums on Pinnacle

We went up again against with a crappy tem of randoms. One guy just kept standing on his spawn and turning around very very slowly.  Two other raged quit becasue of our domination and their team's failure, and it lef tus with 2 guys.  One who tried but sucked against our HNG team of epic and one who kept jumping of the side of the map, the same guy who was spinning.  So in the end we won and go the dumbass avoided and I earned my perfection in SWAT.  It counts still right?

Winner: HNG

SWAT on Asylum

This was a very very close game between the HNG team vs the team of randoms. It was very close. All the time our scores would increase together but in the end we, HNG, pulled through and got the last kill first. ;) like always.

Winner: HNG

SWAT on Zealot

The HNG team went up to the stars to fight on Zealot.  We set out our net and dominated the field with top control and pure HNG-epicness.  But unfortuneately, Ellie had to miss this game and we got a random in her place.

Winner: HNG

BTB Slayer on Boneyard

We joined up with Jack's friends, and if I am correct, clan friends.  It started out with me getting yelled at by a one of his friends for going the wrong way and when I was turning around to go back the way he wanted, he bailed me.  Good gamer material right?  :P Eh, it happens.  But in the end with HNG and Jack's friends we owned the opposition.

Winner: HNG & Friends

And that was the last game for me.  As I stated before, it was a big Brawl, but very unexciting.  But I have learned that Remnant is a Framerate Hell Hole and will never get into MM and Ichor needs a slight fix and a slight add of Sniper rifles.  But other than that useful info on my forged maps, the things we accomplished were getting annoyed by race tracks and our domination of randoms. Check out these screenshots by zappy in the Brawl Screenshot topic.

The MVP, I will have to say, the MVP of Brawl XII is swat xJACKSONx.  He played some pretty good games and he gave me a personal challenge to beat his score. ;)  Congrats Jack on your accomplishment of being the Brawl MVP!

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Reply Ellie
7:20 AM on June 29, 2011 
There was some awesome screenshots from the brawl o_o
Reply Fiendwolf
8:09 AM on June 28, 2011 
MadMatt says...
Looked like fun, I wish I was there...
It would have been better if you were there.
Reply Madmatt
5:05 AM on June 28, 2011 
Looked like fun, I wish I was there...
Reply Fiendwolf
4:48 PM on June 27, 2011 
Dingle says...
The lag in the two games i played was unbearable thats why i left. Sorry Fiend. It was pointless playing for me when everyone was skipping around the map.

Its cool, I understand the lag of remnant but I didn't think there was anymore lag other than that.
Reply Dingle
5:05 AM on June 27, 2011 
The lag in the two games i played was unbearable thats why i left. Sorry Fiend. It was pointless playing for me when everyone was skipping around the map.

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