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Brawl VIII Overview

Posted by Fiendwolf on May 22, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Well, I thought it'd be time for me to bring back one of my colorful and detailed Brawl overviews. Especially for this one since it is the first competative brawl that I have been to.  So in other words the first competative brawl ever since no one else knew how to run a competative brawl. :P

Well, first off, we started with Bergfedlt and myself on Asylum mindlessly killing each other while we waited for the arrival of the rest of the people.  Two more people joined up as we got the ball rolling with MadMatt on the way.  That game ended with the clocks countdown.  The winner was Zappy with 9 kills follwoed by Bergfeldt with 8 kils and then myself with 7 and Dingle with 4.  Sooooo.... yay!

Winner: Zappydogy

Everburn Veterans Vs HNG Newbies

So after that we got everyone in that party into the game.  This brawl was supposed to be the Everburn versus HNG brawl, but since not many people came mainly the everburn people, well... we did it anyway!  It was one game on my map Dug Out.  The out come was messed up by Zappy who wanted to be like the other cool kid, MadMatt, and change teams... which ruined Everburn's victory.  Once again the game was Team SWAT on Dug Out.  Everyone already knew the map.   The score was 25 blue, 24 red, 13 or 14 gold, and 6 pink.  Obvously MadMatt went pink and zappy wanted to be that guy that follows the other guyu and went on his own team.  I successfuly got MAdMAtt to change back to blue but zappy... well.... we had some... difficulties communicating over game chat.

The exact scores and stats are unknown, almost as if Bungie wanted to hide to the universe that this little match ever happened.

When I saw this, I just flat out said,

"Please pardon my foot up your ass, Bungie!"

But I have a good memory.  It was a game of, at first, 4 v 1.  MadMatt, Bergfeldt, Zappy, Dingle on Blue for HNG and myself on Red for Everburn.  Don't worry, all you Everburn Vets.  I represented our old good selves very nicely.  And I was leading the game the whole time until the very end after it changed to 2 v 1 v1 v1 to 3 v 1 v1.   Thus explaining the gold and pink team.   I would have won if it was not for Zappy, who had to change to team gold to be cool and gave hng the last kill to win.  As well as countless other kills to get them up in my grill and up against my 24 kills.   So, in other words...


But I being the merciful one that I am,(HAR HAR!)  I let it slide as a tie to not hurt their feeling for being diqualified cuz of cheating...  So it would have been a win for Everburn Veterans but we'll settle for a tie... for now... for now.

Winner: Itz a [email protected] Ti3!

Ahem-hem... Next!

SWAT on Boneyard

It was a "special" version of swat run by MadMatt who made it so everytime you commit suicide you get 10 points.  He of course didn't ell anyone and killed himself to win with some other kills from our helpless selves. You just wanted to make sure you won one didn't you?

Winner: MadMatt

FFA Slayer on Reminant (Now spelled correctly as Remnant!)

We got spoog to join us as well as chaos.  We then ventured to my updated version of Remnant.  I added more cover and made it way easier to get around the map.  As well as switched up the gravity hammer and rockets so rockets wouldn't be everywhere on the top of the map.  So on this new version we fought our asses of like crazy idiots and out of all the wreckage and carnage the winner with 24 points was me.

Winner: Fiendwolf

1st HNG Competative Brawl Starts Now!

Team Slayer on Ichor

We went out into my map, Ichor in out Brawl teams.  Ready to rip at each other with the mighty weapons of the gods in a well beloved map variant of the well beloved that went through out the Halo generations.   So as if back in CE or H2 or Valhalla or just in a better version of the one in REACH, we clashed like titans.  Blood pouring and flowing like a river of the wreckage of the past battles.  In the end the Fiends came out victorious and the Headshot Honchos were put in their place by their superiors.  (HAR HAR HARITY HAR HAR HAAAAAAAAR!)

Winner: The Fiends

Team Slayer on Dug Out

We clashed again on my map, Dug out this time.

Winner: The Fiends

Team Slayer on Knock Out

A map found by Chaos, Knock Out on Tempest was where we clashed once more, with more feeling.  But this time the Headshot honchos lost Ellie, aka Bergfeldt, in battle and thus it was a 4 v 3.

Winner: The Fiends

Team Slayer on Cliffside

On Spoog's map we clashed. New environment for all except for spoog of course and perhaps his friend arsenalman.

Winner: The Fiends

-at this point MadMatt just wanted to be on a team all his own instead of the one he's a captain of... interesting.-

Hockey on Hockey Rink

We were unfortuneatley joined by randoms and it threw off The Fiends game sice we had the lead of a score of 3 v 0 and then it ended up with a score 3v4.  With us losing

Winner: Headshot Honchos and others

-This game we found out numbers mean something-

Team Slayer on Ichor

We mixed up the teams and got it all wrong. this one does not count at all for the competition since we all had players form the other team on each other.  IT only coutns as a loss for... *snif*... me!  This is the one where Zappy went all turtle in OUR base. And Zappy wasn't on our team.  Well that jsut didn't help our lead. LOL!

Winner: Blue Team

Everyone else left and it was Society, Matt, and myself in MM.  WE went into SWAT and got a 3v3 thing on pinnacle.  We lost with a score of 50 vs 42.

Winner: RANDOMS! well that's embarassing!

And to chalk up the results... That would have to be...

Everburn VS HNG Results: TIE!

Everburn 1/2 and HNG 1/2 ( One game and it was deemed a tie because of difficulties)

Competative Brawl Results: The Fiends

The Fiends 3 (not counting one) and Headshot Honchos 1.

The Brawl MVP would have to be... hmm... DIngle, for leading his team in the competative Brawl!

Congrats Dingle!

Strange... your helmet shouldn't be that shoudl it? I do not recall... Well it is your profile! :P

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Reply Fiendwolf
3:27 PM on May 24, 2011 
Ellie says...
In three weeks I have summerbreak... Intresting...

Reply Ellie
9:29 AM on May 24, 2011 
In three weeks I have summerbreak... Intresting...
Reply ʎʇǝıɔoS
11:06 PM on May 23, 2011 
I'm sorry I came late. I had to go to a piano recital, and then afterwards my family unexpectedly went out to eat.
Reply Dingle
8:12 PM on May 23, 2011 
Ha! Thats my spartan indeed, i dont remember using that helmet. :( oh well...
Reply Fiendwolf
6:40 PM on May 23, 2011 
spoog911 says...
If that was me sorry but when your blamed for something you did not do roy,zappy it is anoying.And congratz for the MVP award

*evil eye on Spoog*
Just kidding man. lol :D
I actually got mixed up with you and the spartan#### guy. Now HE was a T-baggin a-hole.

Also that is the spartan I keep finding when I check your b.net page, Sorry dingle. :/
but I didn't do it.
Reply spoog911
2:24 PM on May 23, 2011 
Dingle says...
Yeah, thats not my spartan!! LOL. Thank you very much for the MVP award. I left due to having a headache from all the yelling in lobby...some peeps are just so LOUD!

If that was me sorry but when your blamed for something you did not do roy,zappy it is anoying.And congratz for the MVP award
Reply Ellie
11:46 AM on May 23, 2011 
And i had to leave after 1 hour...
I hate my brother and my mum. '_'
Well, congratz Dingle :D
Reply Dingle
9:56 AM on May 23, 2011 
I did!
Reply Madmatt
7:00 AM on May 23, 2011 
Congratz Dingle
I thought you made your spartan orange :P
Reply Dingle
6:21 AM on May 23, 2011 
Yeah, thats not my spartan!! LOL. Thank you very much for the MVP award. I left due to having a headache from all the yelling in lobby...some peeps are just so LOUD!

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