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Brawl IV Overview

Posted by Fiendwolf on April 23, 2011 at 5:26 PM

Brawl IV went down today at 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, and 8pm A.  Once again, it started with me rushing to finish my newest Forge creation for the Brawl itself.  After I finished my last rushed touch-ups with the spawns on my map, Dug Out, I hit the alarm and sent the invites.  Everyone went to theri drop pods and we all  shot down from the peaceful stars of space into the burning flames and fields of blood and bodies of the Brawl.  Now, my personal opinion and view on the Brawl was that it was quite successful, we had some  sweet games both in Customs and in Matchmaking, and I got a magnified look on everyone's skill levels.  Which I found out to be very interesting!  So I'm gonna stop with the gibber jabber and start with the overview!  Make sure you read through this.  I have officially decided to add a cool new thing to the Brawl Event and to it's Overview.

Brawl IV Overview

Slayer on Dug Out

It started with just the three of us, Sergeant Novak, Zappy, and me.  We went out and playtested my map, Dug Out, that I had just finished a rush completion on fro the Brawl.  We found some errors in the map, but other than the few, it wasn't a bad game or a bad map.  It is influenced by Avalanche, but don't go expecting a huge map. Even though it was influenced by Avalanche and Sidewinder, it is a rather small or medium sized map.  It has the "U" shape with the bases at either of the ends of the "U".  It was hard to get a good read on the map's potential with 3 person FFA, so it's a good thing we adventrued back to it later in the Brawl.  The winner was Zappy with 15 points and a k/d of -2 (Of course he won! He's rocking the HNG abbreviation for his Callsign!).  Oh, and I should mention, Novak doesn't like being naded. (lol!)

Winner: Zappy

Air Force on ONI Cliff Base

We then went into a Team SLayer game variant made for Zappy's map, ONI Cliff Base.  The map was pretty decent, it just needed fix with one of it's spawns, it's kill areas, and it's soft kill areas.  Oh and the fact that it'd be nice to get out of the dish if one jumps stupidly on it.(Like I did. lol)  It was a very long game for 18 minutes, ended short since it was gonna be for 30 minutes.  It was Red Team, Sergeant Novak and me, versus blue Team which consited of only Zappy.  And of course, since I am considerably good at failing with the Banshee, we lost to him with the score of 16 v 12.

Winner: Blue Team (Zappydogy)

Team Elite Slayer on Noreflection

Even though B.net can't seem to remeber we had this game or have any details for, I remember.  It was a Team Elite Slayer Game with Blue versus Red.  My team kept being wierd and junk and in the end out of the mass carnage and stick-i-ness, I forget who won... lol... soo much for my great memory right?  I want to say it was my team because all I rmember is destroying the enemy with stickies and the fact that the map wasn't really really red and reflective.  So, the winner for this is offically... The Guardians! Yeah! That's the ticket! Once again, killed by the guardians.

Winner: The Guardians

CTF on Ichor

We went head on first into the world of BloodGulch mixed with my own personal touch.  The teams were Blue team, Zappy, Sergeant Novak, Dingle, MadMatt, versus red team: xSpartan 004, riped4life, dummo, mgracer48, and me.  It was extremely unfair teams since MadMatt is known to be beast as well as Novak. And then I just ofund out today in the Brawl that Zappy was pretty pro as well, so red team was screwed from the begining to end. the score was 3v0. So epic fail on read teams part. *laughs nervously*

Winner: Blue Team

FFA on Reminant

We then left the wreckage behind us and the blood on the field for the next visitors and went into the desolate forerunner city.  The forerunner's reminant, now revamped form it's last game played a helo of a lot better with more cover, and it was trully a fun FFA game.  THe score was...

  1. Zappy : 25
  2. Fiendwolf : 20
  3. Dingle : 18
  4. MadMatt : 15
  5. Novak : 14
  6. xSpartan 004 : 12
  7. riped4life : 7 (DNF)

Winner: Zappy

Matchmaking Time Boys and Girls!  This is where you really show off your skill busting up some randoms!

Invasion Slayer (MM) on Hemorrhage

We took off the gloves and went out into Matchmaking ready to kick some randoms' asses!  So that's exactly what we did.  We went into Invasion with the 6 of us, MadMatt, Dingle, Zappy, Novak, xSpartan, and me.   At first, it was a tough game and we couldn't handle it.  We especially couldn't handle the red waypoint over our heads when a person was spawning on us. (right Zappy? :D)  But in the middle of the game the tables turned as two of their worst players left and we conquered them.  It was 100 us versus 61 them. Honorable mentionings were MadMatt with 27 kills (Like a Pro!) and Dingle with 23 kills (The new kid on the block rocks their socks!)

Winner: HNG

Invasion on Boneyard

Pumped with adrenaline and epicness racing through our veins we went into an Invasion game. This time with the team of Zappy, Mixlkm, Bergfeldt, Dingle and myself on Red Team.  We went tactial on the random's and held them back like a solid 8 mile thick gold titanium alloy wall with a mile of energy shields as extra protection.  They weren't even able to get one single point down on either Alpha point or Bravo point.  It was truely perfect teamwork and exceptionally epic gameplay from all players of HNG.  And then when it was our turn to attack, we whooped their buttocks' like they were just some hungry grunts on the streets cravign some food nipple.  So in the end the score was 3 us versus 0 randoms.

Winner: HNG

Invasion on Spire

We finally met our match as we went into spire.  We crushed their defenses and they crushed ours.  It was a tie, so no one's upset right? The best thing right?  Well, no.  There was one unhappy and depressed person there and it was ofcourse me.  But ties happen so hey, what can you do?  A tie is better than a full fledge loss.

Winner: Tie

BTB Slayer on Paradiso

We changed from invasion down into BTB. Finally, I realized that BTB Community playlist was gone and hit a suddenly quick-to-pass phaze of unhappiness.  It lasted at least a nano second, since I realized I never played in Community BTB anyhow. So we went into regular BTB and were joined up with two sucky randoms, one of which was booted because of splazin ghis own teammate, which was Mixlkm. ("Oh! Hey, D3RP! I [email protected] the 7ank! I'ma gonna [email protected] [email protected]!")  He didn't say that, but might as well have.  So with that, "very unfortunate" loss on our team, we crushed the opposing team with the iron hand of smerf-i-ness with the score of 100 versus 76.  Also a very honorable mention here is MadMatt with 32 kills and a +26 k/d.  Too epic to handle man. Too epic to handle.

Winner: HNG

We went back to Customs to end the Brawl, at least for me.

Team Slayer on Dug Out

We played 3v3 on my map, Dug Out.  We got to test it's full potential and Red Team realized that there is more than one way to attack a base!  The teams were Blue team with Bergfeldt, Dingle, and MadMatt, versus Red Team with Zappy, Fiendwolf, and Mixlkm.  Blue team was dominatin gin the beigining as REd team blindly rushed their base continuously.  Until we soon realized that just beacsue their base is just one Rock Mountain wall away, it doesn't mean we shoudl rush it!  So we went out farther on the "U" bend and got the power weapons to pry the little ground hogs out of theri hole.  It worked at first but then we were overpowered as they came out as a team and dominated us one at a time.  Blue team won with 38 versus 31.

Winner: Blue Team

Brawl MVP

I bet you're now all wondering what this is about.  The Brawl MVP, is the Brawl's Most Valuable Player.  This is a new thing I have decided to add to the Brawl Event.  I was wondering, currently, all other HNG Events get you a way straight into the HoF (Hall of Fame if you can't figure that out.)  So I thought, why not let there be some way for the Brawl to get a person into the HoF?  So I thought I'd put this into action starting with this Brawl.  To become the Brawl MVP, you must first and foremost, PARTICIPATE IN THE BRAWL!  There is no way you will be able to become the MVP if you don't play in the Brawl with us.  The MVP will be decided by whoever does the Brawl Overview.  Generally, whoever has exceeded everyone else in skill and points and in gameplay will be the MVP. So, for when there is no one who seems to have stood out for doing something amazing, the MVP will be decided by who ever leads in the most games and who ever has the best K/D etc...  SO if you're better than everyone else, be prepared to be rewarded.

For Brawl IV, the MVP would have to be MadMatt, since he did the most amazing gameplay I have seen for the whole Brawl and whooped major ass in that Paradiso BTB Matchmade game. (32 kills! HOLY CA-MOLY!)  MadMatt, enjoy your place in the HoF as a Brawl MVP!


Ok I have just updated the Brawl teams.  So everyone should read this and pay attension now to know what's going on or you'll be lost!  We now have full brawl teams!  The Fiends and the Headshot Honchos.  Both have one replacement as well.  Ellie and Sergeant Novak have been put into the Headshot Honchos.  You were requested orriginally from the Team Captain, MadMatt (Also the Event Manager.)   and you have an equally killed counter part on the opposite team.  So the teams are balanced. 

Ellie, I know you have only been to one game, but I believe you match up nicely skill wise in that team.  So please make sure you can participate in future brawls!

Novak, I know you didn't sign up for it, but you have participated in every single Brawl HNG has had, so I felt that it was only right to put you on a Brawl team. I hope you don't mind!

And for Dingle, and Zappy, you have been put on my team, The Fiends.  Welcome to our ranks fellow brothers!  You have been examined well and you have a skill counterpart on the other team so the teams are closely even in skill wise for the Brawl.  Once again, welcome to the pack my new fiends!

Also, Toshirou and Spoog, you two have been moved down as replacements on the teams since you two have missed two Brawls and both are very inactive on this site.  So your place has been taken by more active people.  You are now replacements for your team.

Now you guys know what's up with the Brawl teams.  It looks like we can finally get into some competative Brawls!  :)  Get ready to rock!

Also, we are expecting to have an Afterparty IV for this Brawl tomorrow.  The host will be MadMatt.  It might happen it might not, due to Easter on that day, so  if you're on, you can go on and join MadMatt in some Afterparty Brawl fun!


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Reply Fiendwolf
8:57 AM on April 24, 2011 
zappydogy says...
good job Matt maybe I'll get it next hopefully
You were actually my second pick for this, but then MadMAtt went out and owned with the banshee. lol
Reply Madmatt
6:51 AM on April 24, 2011 
I have done much better with Banshee but I got killed too quick.

Thanks guys!
Reply Chaos Walking
3:33 AM on April 24, 2011 
Nice one Matt! Ima guess you were ownin in a Banshee :D
Reply zappydogy
8:58 PM on April 23, 2011 
good job Matt maybe I'll get it next hopefully
Reply Dingle
7:50 PM on April 23, 2011 
Congrats to Matt for being the MVP!

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