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Epic info drop

Posted by spoog911 on February 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Sup guy's i thought i would drop some info on some new games since i haven't in a long time. Enjoy :D


Halo 4

Unveiled on the 29th of this month?

Above is a german xbox magazine which says there will be show this month at the xbox spring show case.

here the exact translation:

Halo 4 and other new products will be on display at the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase event in San Francisco.

Microsoft have not confirmed nor denied this clam.

Also on the halo front McFarlane toy showed there new halo toy's/models and one of them is the master chief  I was excited 

to see them,until I did see on and I belive they have wrecked his awesome look.

This first picture(above) is very bad it may be because of the picture angle.His chest armor looks horrible its to high up and the shoulder pads....well the ment to protect the shoulders. The second picture(below)  looks way better and i am hoping that these "flaws" will only be because of this being a toy/model.

Thats it for halo today.The websites i got the info from are 


Mass Effect 3

Well if you don't know the Mass Effect 3 demo is out on xbl,psn and I think steam I will look into that.

But a few weeks a picture surface of a receipt (below) showing mass effect dlc that had been sold early.

The second "leak" was on xbox live 2 days ago when the FromDust DLC

was leaked on the Maketplace.It will cost 800ms points .Bioware has 

since issued a statement explaning about the DLC and to stay away from

it if you don't want anything spoiled.

As revealed last week, EA will be sending early copies of Mass Effect 3 into space. Today, details about the promotion have been announced.


According to a press release, "EA and BioWare will be making history by launching the first copies of Mass Effect 3 into outer space! Copies are scheduled to land in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and cities in Europe, giving gamers the opportunity to track and collect these limited early copies as they touch back down on Earth."


The first two launches will take place tomorrow (February 23rd) in San Francisco and launches will continue until February 29th, when the final pair is sent into orbit in Berlin.

Jessica Chobot (above) in Mass Effect 3 yep everyones fav IGN producer is in Mass Effect 3.

Maybe she will give use in game hint and tips to get achievments. :lol:


borderlands 2 (now with 96.5% more wub wub)

A new trailer pack with loads of info was released yestureday and by god it was unreal!! 

So here it is!!



You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

There was alot in that and there was a claptrap dancing to dubstep WUB WUB WUB!!!

And if your preordering  you should know you get an epic bonus 

in the form of the Premiere Club sounds shine and it is here the picture showing the goods.

So we get the unique "Gearbox gun pack", "The Vault Hunters Relic" which boosts your and your teams chance of finding rae loot,The "Golden Key" which opens something in the Golden sanctuary.


Battelfield 3

The real issue with Battlefield 3 isn’t the game itself believe it or not. The great thing about a game is it can be patched, fixed, corrected and enhanced where needed… and whose job is that you wonder? DICE, the game developer and the people who should be running the Battlefield community, not some marketing/publisher powerhouse with nothing but dollar signs and stock projections in mind… why am I talking about this you may ask? It’s because the loyal, dedicated, veterans of this game know and understand that DICE is working their ass off to fix the game, and the issues we demand, but Electronic Arts worried about nothing but money. This community has been neglected since the launch of the game in October. No information on patches until release date, and no communication at all from the studio and developers on issues.


As a longtime battlefield player, community manager, and a person who knows what is going on with this community on a daily basis, I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated… Shouldn’t we expect better? At least acknowledge the existence of the issues we present, and have a very long list of things to work on. Yet... we know none of this information have that communication now do we? You wonder why I assume of course, why is it that the studio who developed the game, cannot communicate with the followers, fans, and community that the very game they built? The answer of course is Electronic Arts… We can’t get information, or even acknowledgement about the issues we raise, patching schedules, game updates, or even hints at Downloadable content. Electronic Arts is too concerned with releasing information based on their precious yet inaccurate numbers that calculate the best times to release game updates and DLC. Not the community, not you, and certainly not me.


DICE after all, is owned by EA… this isn’t all EA’s fault to be honest; some of the blame lies with DICE as well. Obviously there are some issues that are currently in the game that exist as problems because of the failure to QA said problems. (USAS-12, MAV Elevators, etc…) We can assume that a lot of these instances with weapons being so severely unbalanced and blatant issues with map glitches such as the MAV situation are because of the rush to push the game out to compete with Modern Warfare 3. Nevertheless, we’re kept in the dark with no patch schedule, no details, and not even direct responses from DICE, at all.


So… this is what we’re going to do… as a community. We’re going to give Electronic Arts until Friday, March 2nd to announce the next major patch and the fixes that they have made, or are currently making. SOME acknowledgement of the outcry about the issues that is currently wrong with the game right now, today… Or we’re going to black out the entire battlefield community for 1 day, 24 hours, no playing, no posting, and no tweeting. Silence fed right back into the mouths of those who have chosen to give us the very same silence. We’ll be waiting for you to give us our community back EA, and put it in the very capable hands of the people who developed, and made the game. Please, we beg you, allow us to communicate, get information, and answers from the game developers, not bullshit responses on twitter from @Battlefield telling them to contact a game advisor.


We don't wait to make a list of demands, nor do we feel entitled or obligated for information. We want clarity, communication, open lines to the DICE Developers, and Community Management. We don't have a list of demands... because this isn't about getting patch notes tomorrow, or the next day. That's a temporary fix... We want to be able to communicate with the game developers, and know that they hear us as a community, and as people who made the effort to go out and purchase their game.


We’d just like to also clarify that we love and appreciate all the DICE developers, and enjoy very much interacting with them, sharing ideas and planning events with them. However, we are a community site, and we carry the voice and speak for the community, right now, the community needs your attention, communication, and a little more transparency as to what’s going on with the game.


Stay updated here, and across all our sites for motivation and movement to Black Out the entire Battlefield community should it come to that… Follow the @dontrevivemebro and @Battlefieldo twitters for more information on the #BF3Blackout , should it come to this… hopefully it does not.

These guys hit it on the spot  we have been being left in the dark and it anoying.This was posted yesturday and today i open the front page of joystiq and see this.

A very cool picture 

 I am joking it is a cool picture but what is below it is better so here it is:

With frustrations in the Battlefield 3 community bubbling into possible action, DICE has released a Homeric list of "confirmed fixes and tweaks" that the developer has been working on. The released list of planned changes, which does not currently have an estimated time of arrival, covers Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


The fixes cover long-standing complaints like fall damage from short distances and an increase to spawn protection. The list is pretty massive, so check it out after the break.


Updates and further details about Battlefield 3 have been lacking ever since the Back to Karkand maps launched in mid-December. New Battlefield 3 content plans are expected to be announced at GDC in a couple weeks.

Now that is more like it, also i will post all the fixes on the forms.



I downloaded the demo the other day and what i have to say is WOW its amazing it plays very well we get two set maps and they each have a set gametype.

The Rockies has Race it:




You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.





 New Zealand has Trick it:





You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

So who ever buys SSX I'll see you on the slopes!


Thats it for today the next info drop i will do will probley be when halo 4 info is show so till then bye.

Website of infoness:













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Gött.... Gut.... Good...
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10:41 AM on February 25, 2012 
Great Read. Good work my man. Good work! :D
Reply Madmatt
5:00 PM on February 23, 2012 
Informative read!

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