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I Got Some Bad News and Some Good News.

Posted by Fiendwolf on December 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM

The Bad News...

Alright, bad news first.  I am severly frustrated and unhappy with this and I know you all will be too.   But there isn't much I can do about it.   As I stated before in the forums,  my father was helping me get web coding classes from the school he works to as an extra class to add to my daily routine.   But it turns out that when we were looking at the classes list, so I could find my first class to take, it turns out that on the list for computer/web classes there was only ONE web class, and it was Flash design.  Flash is not gonna help me build a whole grand site like I want...

My Face when I found out there were no web coding classes to offer:

So that is a total bummer and you all know what this means;  it means Armred will not be coming anytime soon.  In fact  I can't start Armred until I have the knowledge of how.  I could self-teach myself everything from that one book I still haven't finished, but I don't think its gonna help if I can't retain as much as I would from classes.  So what I am here to say is please do not get any expectations what so ever of when Armred is going to be coming.  It'd probably be better if you thought it wouldn't be coming at all so that way when it does you'd be blissfully happy.

For those of you who still want to know another prediction of mine when Armred will be coming, then this is my best guess:

I am in Highschool currently with only the knowledge of how to create an HTML webpage, and make it look pretty.  That could get me a job as a web styler/designer but what I want and what YOU want is for me to be a Web Master.  For that to happen I need to obtain the knowledge of all of the following: HTML (Basically done till HTML 5 becomes officially the new standard), CSS (Which is also basically done for me since I got all the knowledge I need till they add some more things to CSS3 or come out with CSS4), Java Script, PHP, and mySQL.  I could learn all of the basic things from the book I have and I will attempt to self teach myself, but when will I have finished all my learning from self teaching and classes?

There are few to no classes in Highschool for webdesign.  The ones that there are are pointless to take due to the fact I already know HTML and CSS.  And Flash is only for making games/pretty looking stuff.  So I won't be taking those classes.  That means I have to wait till I get to college to learn more of web design.  So that means about 2 and 1/2 years of highschool and all the while I'll be self-teaching myself. 

Next is college, I'm going to be taking 4 years of more, but I'll probably be stopping at 4 years.  So then once I'm done with college I will have all the necessary knowledge to create AR.  So Around 6 and 1/2 years is when Armred will be coming in all its glory.  THAT, is the major depressing knews of all and I have been trying to decrease the time and make it happen, obvisouly, by self-teaching, and taking extra classes, but you can see the snag I have hit.   All I can say is I'm sorry for building you hopes up on this coming soon...


The Good news...

The class that I am taking from my father's school is introduction to C++.  C++ has been said to be one of the more complicated coding languages, at least harder than the web coding languages.  So if I can handlge C++, I can totally handle any Web code Language.

Another thing is the stuff I told you about,  I did not promise you these things, no - instead I said I'd do my best to make it happen.  Some of you think I promised you all this, and you know what???   I promise you everything I said about Armored Redemption (Armred or AR) is going to happen.  That means cookies, pizza, clothes and what not as well as everything else.    I promise you this and myself this.  The only thing I cannot promise is WHEN it will happen.  Not to mention that most of the things I wanted to do with Armred I wouldn't be able to do at this age since most of these things require a credit card to make it all possible, so you would have had to have waited a while for the AWESOME Armred anyhow.   Even though you and I don't know when it will happen,  :/  at least we know it will happen.


Another thing to say is that Christmas Break/Holiday Break is coming and that means I'll be free... er.  free-er, then usualy.  That means we can play.  Also just because AR isn't coming anytime soon doesn't mean we can't still rock on hardcore here at HNG!  HNG's birthday is the day after Christmas!  It's the 26th of December, in otherwords.   And We're going to be celebrating as much as we can.  Halo: REACH/CEA, GoW3, BF3, Brawls will be happening and I'll basically be trying to play with you guys as much as I can take.  So get ready for some intense fun! :D  We're going to be brawling this Chistmas!

HNG will be alive and well, we  will continue our brawls, our clan matches and our contests, with in reason of course and the Staff of HNG will be focusing on HNG, not Armred.  (Except for me that it) so they can help keep this place fun and awesome.  So kick off your shoes, put on your big fluffy bunny slippers and kick back and relax. 

:D We're going to have some fun.  :D

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Reply Fiendwolf
3:24 PM on January 25, 2012 
The only problem I have is that I do not have enough time to learn web coding fast enough and to create the new site and I can't create the new site until I can pay for a webhost, since I don't want to set up a server.

It's not some little code error where I can ask you to look at it. :/ It's at time issue.
Reply Cooper
7:21 PM on January 8, 2012 
What is the problem?
Reply Fiendwolf
4:56 PM on December 21, 2011 
Ellie says...
Fiend i thought u were....
too cool for school.

I thought I was too till I realized I need to learn something... :P
Reply Ellie
2:41 PM on December 19, 2011 
Fiend i thought u were....
too cool for school.
Reply Madmatt
8:14 AM on December 19, 2011 
Try Cooper, he has some coding knowledge.
Reply Fiendwolf
8:25 AM on December 18, 2011 
I didn't realize how awesomely epic that picture of rage face was till I saw it in full size in the News Post. LOL

@ Matt: We have coders here? How did I miss this? Who?
Reply Ellie
3:18 PM on December 17, 2011 
Youtube + Google = IT'S OVER 9000 !!!!!
Reply Madmatt
11:23 AM on December 17, 2011 
We have plenty of members who can help with coding.

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