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Posted by spoog911 on December 10, 2011 at 2:30 PM

             You still can haz!!

Well its been a while I have been busy with school and gaming.And luckly i am here to talk about gaming.

So lets get started:

Battlefeild 3

Back to karkand

Conquest Assualt :

Conquest Assault is a Battlefield 3 game mode that is very similar to the regular Conquest mode, where the core gameplay is about capturing and holding control points. Conquest Assault however, pits one team as attackers and the other as defenders. Conquest Assault is only available in the Back To Karkand expansion pack.

Conquest Assault objectives:

Conquest Assault has one team defending all capture points, while the other team attacks and tries to capture one flag after the other. The attackers in Conquest Assault have more tickets than the defenders at the beginning.


Conquest Assault tips:

As an attacker in Conquest Assault, most of the action will happen at the first capture point, where the two teams clash. This is a great opportunity for flanking and capturing some of the other flags and thereby gaining spawn points behind enemy lines.

As defenders, setting up quick defensive positions at the first flag where attackers will assault is important, but also protect pathways which give attacks access to other flags and flaking roads.


Conquest assault maps

Conquest Assault is available on the following maps:

-Strike At Karkand

-Wake Island


The F35B in Battlefield 3 is an attack jet that is included in the Back to Karkand expansion pack. The F35B is a short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) jet that can land vertically. Like other Battlefield 3 jets, it has a number of unlocks available. The F35 will be available on two maps: Gulf of Oman and Wake Island.

The BTR-90 in Battlefield 3 is an infantry fighting vehicle / armored personnel carrier that can transport up to 6 soldiers: 1 driver, one gunner and 4 passengers. The BTR-90 is part of the Back to Karkand expansion pack, and is only available in Back to Karkand maps, such as Strike At Karkand and Gulf of Oman.

The DPV, or Desert Patrol Vehicle in Battlefield 3 is a fast attack vehicle (FAV) and a transport vehicle which was previously featured in Battlefield 2. The DPV can seat three soldiers, a driver and two gunners. The DPV is part of the Back To Karkand expansion, and is available on the maps Strike At Karkand, Gulf of Oman, and Sharqi Peninsula.






-Type 88




-Type 95

-Type 97


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Gulf omen:


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Wake Island:


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strike at karkand:


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Sharqi Peninsula:

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All bf3 images and info are from bf3blog.com .

Halo Atlas:


ATLAS – Take your gaming to the next level.


ATLAS, or Assisted Tactical Assault System, is a companion experience that provides near-real-time player data and tactical guidance for your Halo: Reach and Halo: Anniversary Multiplayer gameplay. This brand new strategy app is available now as part of Halo Waypoint on Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android devices.


We have partnered with Brady Games to bring you detailed Multiplayer and Firefight maps for Halo: Reach. That includes the Noble, Defiant and just released Anniversary Map Pack! Along with the benefit of being able to study the maps while on the go, ATLAS also features:


• Weapon and vehicle spawn locations for Matchmaking and Firefight games.


• Health pack locations.


• Near-real-time locations for weapons and vehicles during Custom Multiplayer games.


• Your location and that of your team members displayed on the map.


• ‘Follow me’ mode to track your movement.


• Dynamic player list, including current score for the teams and each player and equipped weapon for you and your teammates.



Supported Devices


Windows Phone 7.5

iOS devices with OS version 4.3 or higher (iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad1, iPad2, and select iPod Touch devices)

Android devices running Android 2.2 or higher (Android 3.0 tablets will run the Android 2 application in compatibility mode)


Release date


ATLAS will begin to become available on 12.10.11. Only English will be available at launch, but French, German, and Spanish are coming soon.




Halo Waypoint on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices is free. ATLAS is $4.99 on iOS and Android devices, and free on Windows Phone 7. Worldwide pricing varies depending on currency and region.



VGA's results (just the good result)

GAME OF THE YEARThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


STUDIO OF THE YEARBethesda Game Studios




Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/12/10/4114612/spike-tv-announces-2011-video.html#ixzz1gEbb59Rg

Thats it for this week enjoy.

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Reply spoog911
5:35 AM on December 12, 2011 
Lol ellie and yes an update at last
Reply Ellie
1:07 PM on December 11, 2011 
First I thought you loved Bf3blog.com , but then I realised that
1. My computer may not load those pictures.

Finally An Update :D

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